7 Conscious Meditation Tips

7 Conscious Meditation Tips

7 Conscious Meditation Tips 715 245 The Conscious Professional

Here are some tried and tested meditation tips that you can try out to further support your practice. We hope you find them useful!

1. Always try to meditate on level ground to enhance alignment.

2. Set a timer to indicate when you have finished your meditation. This allows the mind to release its grip on scheduling and gives you more chance of reaching silence.

3. Meditating in nature is especially beautiful. Parks, forests, mountains, oceans and lakes all offer enriching access to deeper states of being.

4. Meditation is simply evolving the capacity to stop, sit down and watch yourself ‘happening’, don’t expect too much too soon.

5. You can meditate anywhere and whenever. Whilst travelling from one place to another is a particularly good time to meditate. Perhaps you could practice during your daily commute to work or whilst you’re on the plane travelling to your next destination!

6. The act of stopping in itself is a powerful commitment. Even if you commit to stopping and meditating for only 5 minutes a day. A commitment to stillness is a wonderful touchstone for sanity in a world going by at a beguiling rate.

7. The benefits of meditation come online as soon as you get into a regular practice, you don’t have to achieve stillness or enlightenment first. Benefits include, increased presence and awareness in day-to-day situations, reduced stress, more stable moods, better sleep, improved recall and focus as well as neurological benefits in various parts of the brain. These effects may not be noticed immediately so be patient and realistic but remember as we remarked at the outset, a daily practice of meditation can transform a life.