Becoming A Conscious Professional

Becoming A Conscious Professional

Becoming A Conscious Professional 720 480 The Conscious Professional

If professionalism has long been founded on ideas such as honesty, fairness and excellence and seen as a measure of competence, skill and reputation, what does being ‘conscious’ add to professionalism?

The answer is deeper levels of integrity, authenticity and alignment.

The conscious professional is aware of both inner and outer worlds and is therefore able to develop the craft of navigating life understanding both realities. Decisions and actions can be tested against their finely developed internal guidance system as well as by reference to accepted knowledge. Intuitive knowing, so often overlooked, becomes a vital competent of life.

It is worthwhile taking some time to consider the essential features of a conscious toolkit: integrity, alignment and authenticity.

Stay tuned on the blog as we dedicate the first half of this month to exploring each area of the conscious toolkit, starting with the nature of integrity. Get prepared to better equip yourself with the capacity to become more conscious in the workplace.