Decluttering: Your Spaces and Your Mind

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“You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are full of yesterday’s junk.” ~ Louise Smith Now the festive season is over. Christmas is a period where days, weeks, time itself doesn’t seem to mean much; a time of…

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Mindfulness is My New Year’s Resolution! Where do I Begin?

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If mindfulness is headlining your list of New Year’s Resolutions this year, here are seven ways to begin your practice effectively, so it is more than a #januaryfantasy and keeps you chill all the way through Summer and beyond! 1 – Begin…

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Inspirational Speaking

Open Communication and Its Importance in the Workplace

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The key to the success of any team is trust. You need trust in your team when delegating, to know that you are placing responsibility into the right hands. You need to trust those leading you, to know that they…

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7 Yoga Poses for Anytime, Anywhere

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Sometimes your body needs a break during the day. A good stretch and some realignment is what you need to give you a bit of zest and resilience for the rest of your work-day. A little yoga injection is what…

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How to Have a Mindful Festive Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And with this wonderful time of year comes the annual flurry of festive activity! Suddenly, with gift buying, family, parties, lights, music, Christmas TV, eating, drinking and general merry making, you get…

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10 Easy Ways to Help Reduce Stress

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Life is a great thing, you may do with yours as you wish. We live in a world full of opportunity and a society where it is never too late to try something new; where the pursuit of a better…

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Everything you Need to Know about Mindfulness but were too afraid to ask!

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Let’s start at the beginning… What is Mindfulness? There’s a short answer and a long answer, both are important. Here’s the short answer: Mindfulness is just another word for meditation. The long answer: It’s really complicated! Before we even approach…

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Health and Wellness – What is the difference and what is their relationship?

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Health and wellness are both important elements when endeavoring to enhance your quality of life. However, these two things often get muddled and misunderstood, and are very often considered to be synonymous. Although this is not the case they do…

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Mindful Eating – A Beginners Guide

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First of all then, what is mindful eating and why is it important? Simply put, ‘mindful eating’ is the practice of applying mindfulness to your eating habits. Why is it important? Well, we all eat. Whether you regard food as…

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What Does It Mean To Be Present?

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“Live in the moment.” It is phrase we have all heard, and a phrase that is almost synonymous with the idea of a free and happy life. But what does it actually mean to be present and how do we…

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