How to Boost Your Workplace Resilience

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“We all need resilience to live a fulfilling life. With resilience, you’ll be more prepared to take on challenges, to develop your talents, skills, and abilities so that you can live with more purpose and more joy.”– Eric Grietens, ‘Resilience: Hard-Won…

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8 Everyday Random Acts of Kindness

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“Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain Kindness is a virtue both underrated and vitally important to the wellbeing of our society as a whole. Kindnesses can be performed by…

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Mindful Living: How to Practice the Law of Attraction

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“Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re wondering why it shows up over and over again.” – John Assaraf on the Law of Attraction The law of attraction is an interesting one, and an idea that…

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How to find your authentic self

Your ‘Authentic Self’: Who They Are and How to Inhabit Them

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“When you stop living your life based on what others think of you real life begins. At that moment, you will finally see the door of self-acceptance opened.” – Shannon L. Alder The ‘authentic self’ is quite a fashionable thing to prize.…

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The Mindful Guide to Surviving Brexit

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It is an unusual time to live in the UK. The daily political news grinds the nation ever closer to despair with a dizzying black hole of options, amendments, complications, and contortions. The public looks on at times disillusioned, horrified,…

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What to tell yourself in times of stress

What to Tell Yourself in Times of Stress

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“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.” – Fred Rogers Stress…

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Enhancing employee wellbeing through office design

Enhancing Employee Wellbeing Through Office Design

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“I hope that everyone has the opportunity, whatever their work environment may be, to be surrounded by people that they respect and are inspired by.” – Janet Varney It is now widely recognised that a dynamic, welcoming and inspiring workplace…

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5 Forms of Exercise Perfect for Overall Wellbeing

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“Training gives us an outlet for supressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit as exercise conditions the body.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger We all know that exercise is good for us, no denying that! However, what we may…

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6 Culinary Projects to Feed Your Brain in 2019

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“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” – Craig Claiborne Mindful activities can be found in every room of your home, but there is no room riper for…

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5 habits to put in the bin in 2019

5 Habits to ‘Put in The Bin’ in 2019

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“Feeling sorry for yourself and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have.” – Dale Carnegie The lead up to the New Year often gives us time to reassess how…

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