The Conscious Guide To Exercise

The Conscious Guide To Exercise 1500 900 The Conscious Professional

We are all aware of the necessity and benefits of physical exercise but with some many choices, what should we be doing? Cardiovascular exercise is extremely important for your heart and respiratory system, what’s more, it can be wonderful exercise…

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Rethinking Business Reward Systems

Rethinking Business Reward Systems 992 406 The Conscious Professional

Traditional ways of doing business are constantly being researched and scrutinised. The topic of workplace motivation is no exception… Here is an interesting talk by Dan Pink challenging business reward systems. What many assume encourages motivation, can actually do the opposite……

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Mindfulness At Work

Mindfulness At Work 900 600 The Conscious Professional

Business is constantly evolving and finding new ways to be competitive. The largest and most successful corporations have all introduced mindfulness initiatives into their workplace culture. To keep up with the competition, firms need to upgrade and become more conscious…

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Protein In A Plant-Based Diet

Protein In A Plant-Based Diet 1024 683 The Conscious Professional

But, where do you get your protein? How can you build muscle on a plant-based diet? These are common questions asked by many who are unfamiliar with a cruelty-free diet. Each fruit, vegetable, nut and seed contains a mix of…

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Shortcut To Success

Shortcut To Success 988 436 The Conscious Professional

Instant gratification has become an expectation in modern society. We all want results yesterday. But what if the beauty of transformation lies in the journey, not the destination. Rich Roll shows us that the quickest shortcut is the long way: Why You…

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Wisdom 2.0 Christine Carter

Wisdom 2.0 Christine Carter 992 492 The Conscious Professional

Putting right the myths we associate with being busy and doing more. Maybe it’s time we redefined productivity? Take the time today to be still and let your less be more. *The Conscious Professional is dedicated to providing corporate mindfulness…

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Empathetic And Overloaded

Empathetic And Overloaded 714 324 The Conscious Professional

Sometimes we can have certain emotional experiences without being aware of the reasons behind them. We all have varying levels of empathy, and for some very sensitive individuals, it’s easy to become affected by external emotions of which they subconsciously…

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Speaking Appointments Available

Speaking Appointments Available 588 322 The Conscious Professional

When introducing mindfulness, why not begin with an inspiring and experiential talk on the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace from Neil Seligman, Founder of The Conscious Professional. As a mindfulness teacher who spent the first decade of his career…

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Your Brain On Exercise

Your Brain On Exercise 300 300 The Conscious Professional

Source: *The Conscious Professional is dedicated to providing corporate mindfulness and professional resilience training, executive coaching and wellbeing services at the level of professional excellence. Thank you for following our blog.

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Strategies For Happiness

Strategies For Happiness 990 422 The Conscious Professional

Shawn Achor, an extremely charismatic psychologist shows us that productivity is enhanced when we are happy. And what can we do to increase our happiness? He has a few strategies for you to try in both your personal and professional…

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