Are You A Fraud?

Are You A Fraud? 2000 1333 The Conscious Professional

Do you set high expectations of yourself and fail to recognise your true awesomeness and ability? Do you criticise yourself when you should be giving yourself credit? If so, you may be interested to read about Fraud Syndrome. Check out the…

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#1 Travel Destination

#1 Travel Destination 992 496 The Conscious Professional

Pico Iyer takes us to the most beautiful, magical and relaxing travel destination… Our Inner Self. *The Conscious Professional is dedicated to providing corporate mindfulness and professional resilience training, executive coaching and wellbeing services at the level of professional excellence.…

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The Conscious Interview: Dr. Amy Saltzman

The Conscious Interview: Dr. Amy Saltzman 830 437 The Conscious Professional

The time has come again for our Conscious Interview feature!   This week we have had the pleasure of interviewing and getting to know Dr. Amy Saltzman, a holistic physician, mindfulness coach, scientist, wife, mother, devoted student of transformation, long-time athlete,…

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Top 10 Characteristics Of Resilient Professionals

Top 10 Characteristics Of Resilient Professionals 960 598 The Conscious Professional

With high pressure and volatile working environments, resilience is imperative within the workplace. Resilience is a skill that can be nurtured, developed and maintained through purposeful training, practice and mindfulness. Resilient professionals are made up of both hard and soft…

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To Cook Or Not To Cook?

To Cook Or Not To Cook? 1116 394 The Conscious Professional

This is certainly a topic open to debate, but perhaps appropriate considering October was National Vegetarian Awareness Month and yesterday was World Vegan Day. So let’s talk veggies! Almost all vegetables are more nutrient dense and beneficial for our bodies in…

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Movement As Medicine

Movement As Medicine 994 420 The Conscious Professional

How can we make movement our medicine…? Michael Taylor shows us how movement can be enjoyable, simple and foster true wellbeing. Why Movement Is Key To Your Wellbeing *The Conscious Professional is dedicated to providing corporate mindfulness and professional resilience training,…

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What Makes Us Attractive?

What Makes Us Attractive? 720 480 The Conscious Professional

Attractiveness comes in many forms… It turns out that many traditional assumptions of what constitutes attractiveness are in fact wrong. Have a read of the following article and learn how to unleash and radiate your true, inner beauty… Qualities of Highly Attractive People *The…

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Mindfulness-Based Professional Effectiveness

Mindfulness-Based Professional Effectiveness 584 320 The Conscious Professional

Our Mindfulness-Based Professional Effectiveness Course offers the Gold Standard in mindfulness training for professionals. Our signature course can be delivered flexibly to suit your requirements and cycled through multiple times. We will be delighted to tailor this course to the needs of…

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An Overlooked Wellness Practice

An Overlooked Wellness Practice 720 480 The Conscious Professional

Many of us underestimate and neglect our eye health. Over exposure to digital screens and artificial lighting can put major strain on our peepers. Follow the link below to get tips on looking after your eyesight. Are You Ignoring This…

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Compassionate Business

Compassionate Business 986 382 The Conscious Professional

Only focusing on the bottom line will soon become an age-old tradition. There is a gradual move towards a new wave of corporate leadership, one involving compassion and consciousness. Chade Meng Tan delivers a wonderful speech on the compassion practice that…

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