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Souls of Wisdom (2.0)

Souls of Wisdom (2.0) 2481 1749 The Conscious Professional

Just over 1 year ago, Neil Seligman’s Souls of Wisdom Exhibition debuted at the Wisdom 2.0 Europe Summit at the Google Foundry in Dublin, before making its way to Wisdom 2.0 2015 in San Francisco. Here is the story of…

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Vegetarian Challenge

Vegetarian Challenge 1120 384 The Conscious Professional

October is National Vegetarian Awareness Month! So what better excuse to take a detox from any animal products (if you eat them) and try out some new, delicious and nutritious veggie recipes! There are so many free recipes available online…

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The Conscious Interview: Shamash Alidina

The Conscious Interview: Shamash Alidina 830 437 The Conscious Professional

We are excited to announce a new monthly feature to our blog! One Saturday a month, we will be posting interviews with experts on the topics of mindfulness, resilience and digital wellbeing, to share with all you lovely followers. You…

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Self Care For A Better Life

Self Care For A Better Life 990 614 The Conscious Professional

Self care is your path to wellbeing, happiness and success. When we look after ourselves, we love ourselves, respect ourselves and attract those qualities from others. We feel motivated and capable of living our lives fully and overcoming adversity with…

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Wisdom 2.0 Richard Davidson

Wisdom 2.0 Richard Davidson 988 488 The Conscious Professional

Cultivating and maintaining wellbeing, even in the face of adversity, can be a daily reality through simple training. Richard Davidson gives a thorough, science-backed talk on what makes us happy and what we can do to foster wellbeing. *The Conscious…

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Alleviating Text Neck

Alleviating Text Neck 2000 1333 The Conscious Professional

Technology is everywhere. If we’re not glued to our screens we see that everyone else is too. Although technology has brought extreme benefits, there’s also a whole host of new ailments that have surfaced as a result of our digital…

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Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness 101 584 322 The Conscious Professional

Mindfulness 101 is an introductory session covering the basics of mindfulness for professionals in the corporate world. We have found that groups of up to 12 participants work best, keeping the sessions intimate and allowing for thorough and bespoke delivery…

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The Conscious Guide To Exercise

The Conscious Guide To Exercise 1500 900 The Conscious Professional

We are all aware of the necessity and benefits of physical exercise but with some many choices, what should we be doing? Cardiovascular exercise is extremely important for your heart and respiratory system, what’s more, it can be wonderful exercise…

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Rethinking Business Reward Systems

Rethinking Business Reward Systems 992 406 The Conscious Professional

Traditional ways of doing business are constantly being researched and scrutinised. The topic of workplace motivation is no exception… Here is an interesting talk by Dan Pink challenging business reward systems. What many assume encourages motivation, can actually do the opposite……

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Mindfulness At Work

Mindfulness At Work 900 600 The Conscious Professional

Business is constantly evolving and finding new ways to be competitive. The largest and most successful corporations have all introduced mindfulness initiatives into their workplace culture. To keep up with the competition, firms need to upgrade and become more conscious…

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