Strategies For Happiness

Strategies For Happiness 990 422 The Conscious Professional

Shawn Achor, an extremely charismatic psychologist shows us that productivity is enhanced when we are happy. And what can we do to increase our happiness? He has a few strategies for you to try in both your personal and professional…

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The Conscious Guide To Overcoming Anxiety

The Conscious Guide To Overcoming Anxiety 3036 1139 The Conscious Professional

Anxiety may be a blessing in disguise. It’s an invitation to explore your inner being and discover the true depths of your truth. If you have ever experienced anxiety, read on to understand how you can use self awareness to build your…

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Raw And Natural

Raw And Natural 960 637 The Conscious Professional

Raw food has begun to get the attention it deserves recently. The benefits of raw food are wonderful, and don’t just stop at the physical. Raw food helps to provide the vessel that enables exploration of your truest inner self.…

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Money Can Buy You Happiness

Money Can Buy You Happiness 994 268 The Conscious Professional

Michael Norton shows us that money can in fact buy you happiness. You just have to spend it wisely. A very funny, entertaining and clear presentation, that may make you think twice about what to buy or do this weekend!

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Wisdom 2.0 Byron Katie

Wisdom 2.0 Byron Katie 627 342 The Conscious Professional

We tend to get caught up in a whirlwind of thoughts and judgements, which take us on an often-uncontrollable journey to conviction and resentment. Byron Katie brings a fresh and compassionate perspective to witnessing our internal reactions to external experiences.…

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Bee Conscious

Bee Conscious 620 413 The Conscious Professional

We all live an interconnected existence on this planet. Our ecosystem is extremely wise and efficient and everything naturally works in sync. But our modern society has disrupted Mother Nature and her design. This is serious when considering the sustainability of our…

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Free Lunch And Learn

Free Lunch And Learn 586 322 The Conscious Professional

If you are considering introducing mindfulness to your firm but haven’t yet made up your mind, why not test the waters for free? Invite us to do a free 30 minute taster session at lunchtime at your firm so you can…

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Yoga Sequences To Increase Metabolism

Yoga Sequences To Increase Metabolism 720 404 The Conscious Professional

Source: *The Conscious Professional is dedicated to providing corporate mindfulness and professional resilience training, executive coaching and wellbeing services at the level of professional excellence. Thank you for following our blog.

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All It Takes Is 10 Minutes

All It Takes Is 10 Minutes 480 720 The Conscious Professional

Trying to find time to meditate can seem like an impossible task for many of us. Even 10 minutes every day can seem extremely daunting, even completely unachievable. However, allocating 0.7% of your day to looking after yourself and your mind is…

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How to Take a Picture of the Soul…

How to Take a Picture of the Soul… 2500 3750 The Conscious Professional

Each and every one of us is unique, beautiful and bright. Yet many of us become distracted by our external experience, that we end up neglecting to appreciate and tap into our inner light. So how can we connect with and…

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