The Link Between Meditation and Treating Addiction

The Link Between Meditation and Treating Addiction

A drink at the Wine Press is one thing, but how many of us have, at one time or another, relied on some addictive substance or behaviour to get us through the day? Even if it does not affect you personally, you have probably seen the effects of addiction on colleagues, friends and/or family. Work can also become an addiction, so can email, food, sugar, social media and even exercise.

The body of evidence for the power of meditation in addiction treatment and prevention is growing. One 2007 study showed that individuals who participated in meditative practices during recovery gained higher levels of coping skills, as well as a heightened awareness of substance-abuse triggers.

Addiction could cost you lost days or even your career and can put pressure on your relationships. Meditation offers the prospect of addressing some of the root cause. Prevention is indeed better than cure.