How To Increase Your Capacity For Mindfulness

How To Increase Your Capacity For Mindfulness

How To Increase Your Capacity For Mindfulness 720 480 The Conscious Professional

Although I know that the majority of the time, my state of consciousness is not pristine, I have developed the awareness to know when I am mindful and when I am not and I practice skills and techniques which enable me to increase my capacity to be mindful day by day. The practice is enjoyable and rewarding and I see my experience of life is enhanced as a result of it.

The starting point for increasing our personal capacity for mindfulness must be a practice of stillness. Group classes make the practice accessible and fun whilst a daily ritual of home meditation is fundamental. Whilst, the challenges are intense, the learning is exciting and the discoveries plentiful.

Beginning to uncover your own internal sphere of experience is a little like exploring a new world and as such can be a surprisingly enjoyable and unexpected endeavour.

Whatever you do find in your internal sphere, the mystery and the wisdom that you discover will be your own. As you go deeper into the experience there will no longer be any need to rely upon someone else’s definition of mindfulness because you will know that state for yourself and perhaps increasingly choose to live and create from it.

So I would encourage you to move further towards mindfulness and experiment with meditation. With a bit of luck, the mysteries will come along hand-in-hand with the wisdom.