Mindful Meal Time

Mindful Meal Time

Mindful Meal Time 662 509 The Conscious Professional

The ever increasing pace of life plus the rise in dieting is a recipe for less than optimal eating habits.

Eating on-the-go or while distracted by phones, laptops or televisions has become commonplace, causing many of us to lose touch with our bodies and their natural signals. It is easy to opt for convenience foods when we are rushed off our feet, trying to juggle conflicting demands.

Taking the time to mindfully connect with our bodies, and nourish ourselves, is extremely important in supporting health and wellbeing and should be seen as a priority. Focusing on fuelling ourselves correctly and taking the time to appreciate our meals can lead to increased energy, satiation and happiness.

The following article has a great infographic to help you get on the road to intuitive eating:

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