Reasons to Be Happy

Reasons to Be Happy

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“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” – Albert Camus

All we all really want in life is to be happy, don’t we? Sometimes we forget that happiness is within our own control. How often have you thought about the things that might make you happy? If I won £1 million, then I would be happy. If I get that dream job, then I will be happy. I can’t wait until I find the perfect partner, then I think I’ll be happy. The truth is, if we think like this, we will always be waiting for happiness to come to us. Even when these wonderful things do happen, there are always difficulties, always complications, always reasons to be unhappy. Go and get happiness today, whatever state your life is in!

Whether you are down in dumps or not, the following reasons will always be there to give you something to be happy about.

Happiness Breeds Productivity 

Sadness never helped anyone to be productive! Those of us who choose to adopt optimism and happiness as a choice get far more done in the average day than those who don’t. Yes, on days when the cards are not stacked in your favour, this optimism will be somewhat manufactured. This being said, if this synthetic happiness leads to productivity, won’t the productivity then result in a happiness that is more organic?

You Matter to Others

No matter how bad life gets at any point, there will always be someone in the world that loves you. A person, or people, with whom you have a special relationship, who you would do anything for. The likelihood is that they feel exactly the same way about you. So, if happiness is thinking about those people, speaking to those people, or seeing their faces, then you have a reason to be positive.

Look at Your Life!

Look around. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you live in a liberated country, that has wealth and freedom of speech? Do you have food in the cupboard, water in the taps and a good bill of health? The answer to the majority, if not all, of those questions is likely to be ‘yes’. There are many people in the world who may not have free access to these things. Feel grateful and be happy that you have these blessings and privileges.

Happiness Means Health

On average, happier people are healthier people. It has been proven! People who are happier simply care more about their health. They eat better, do more exercise and take more pride in their appearance. Happiness and positivity are a key ingredient in self-love.

You Never Know

Hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Life can change in the blink of an eye, and there is no good reason why that change shouldn’t be for the better! Having said that, changes aren’t always good. You could lose your job tomorrow. Or say goodbye to a loved one. Don’t wait around for happiness, there’s no time to lose. Be happy now!

We Need Happy in The World

The world has its problems. The world always has problems, but I think most can agree that it has been a rough few years. Part of the reason for that is that many people are very angry and as a result are not being kind to each other. Anger and sadness will go no way to fixing the worlds woes. Your own happiness may not save the world, but it will be one step in a positive direction. If we all take one step into compassion and kindness, then the whole community shifts one step in that direction together.

You Are Here!

If nothing else, you are alive! You are here to see the sun rise in the morning. You are here to see your loved ones. You are here to receive opportunities. Life never stays in one place, so if you are in a rut, you will not be there forever. Something always comes along. If you are alive, then you will be here to see it!

By Chris Thomson

Happiness comes in many forms. For some it is food, for some it is exercise and for some it is in the animals that we invite into our lives: Pets and Wellbeing

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