I have been helping clients move away from addictive behaviours and create healthier lives for over a decade using a combination of bioresonance therapy and coaching.  A typical treatment includes a ninety minute session with the e-lybra bioresonance machine, an in-depth coaching discussion and a unique homeopathic remedy.


The language that surrounds addiction often includes ‘quitting’, ‘giving up’, ‘ditching the dirty habit’ or other negatively phrased sayings.  However, it is neither useful or accurate to use this type of language to describe or support what is actually occurring when someone decides to honour the impulse of change.

When we are ready to move into new and deeper commitments to health, wellbeing, truth and integrity, this is a time that requires acknowledgement, nurture, relaxation and mindfulness.  Negatively characterizing the substance, or our past relationship with it, is entirely unnecessary and counter-productive.

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    Bioresonance was featured on the Richard and Judy show in July 2005 .

    The treatment had been experienced by two long term smokers; Martin Pashley of Loaded Magazine and Nina Goswami from the Daily Telegraph.

    Both journalists spoke about the impact the treatment made to their lifestyles and health with graphic descriptions of how their bodies detoxed the cigarette toxins after just one treatment.  The opinions of the journalists was similiar to those of many others who have received the treatment in that they had no urge to smoke when around other smokers and have no interest in returning to their habit.

    Martin Pashley commented “ It feels like the addiction is gone…I feel a lot healthier.”

    The show took an objective stance and outlined the basis of bioresonance detailing how the technology was developed in Germany while a group of Polish Doctors discovered the protocols to enable it to be applied to patients with addictive problems, especially smoking. In more recent years the technology has been further developed by Psychologists in the USA to enable it to be used to eliminate the psychological dependency on nicotine. These developments resulted in the stop smoking treatment.


    “The treatment was painless and easy. As I said I was skeptical, but I could definitely sense something as the treatment progressed, and the proof is in the pudding as they say.  My friends and family are amazed.  And the cough? Well that went in the first week, and altogether I feel and look better than I have for ages.”
    William McMullan, 41, Sales and Marketing Manager

    “It’s one month today and I have not smoked since I saw you.  All in all I feel stronger and calmer – it’s great not to have to worry about fitting cigarettes in around everything I have to do. I have even got used to stressful days in court and not smoking.”
    Laura Blackband, Barrister

    “Just to let you know that so far so very good with the smoking cessation; though there have been a couple of crises where we could have easily slipped into old comfort patterns, neither of us have. The amazing thing to me is how after nearly half a century of dependancy, I personally haven’t given it a negative or craving thought since I saw you.”
    Viv Long, Pilates Instructor

    “After just one session with Neil Seligman I was able to quit smoking for good.  The bioresonance machine really works and completely took away my cravings for nicotine.  Combined with Neil’s positive approach I would highly recommend it for anyone seeking help with their addiction.”
    Jonell Elliott, Actress

    “I haven’t touched a cigarette since my treatment, so thank you so much.  I’m really grateful for your help in helping me give up. No chance of me starting again either – I absolutely can’t stand the smell of it, even to go as far to say I’ve got a real aversion to it now. Thank you once again.”
    Jayne Crockford, Nurse

    “Hi Neil – It is now a month since I smoked a cigarette!!!  I am so thankful to you and am delighted how successful the therapy  is. My next goal is three months without smoking which I am entirely confident I will  do.”
    Heather, Publisher


    For those wishing to reduce but not eliminate their alcohol consumption.


    “The objective was to take control of my drinking, and avoid wine and it has been extremely successful. Whilst I still have a drink when I go out, I don’t drink wine, and I find I can take or leave drinking. The complusion and urgency has gone. At home I have stopped drinking totally, something I thought I just wouldn’t be able to do.

    I am starting to feel much better because of it; more energy, more focused, sleeping better, and avoiding almost 1400 calories a day is starting to have an impact on my weight!”
    Client wishing to remain anonymous.


    Sugar is perhaps the most common addiction.  Whilst consumption of sugar has risen exponentially in the last 100 years we tend to address it less as a harmful addiction and more as a treat or luxury.  It is essential to evolve a conscious relationship with sugar in order to step into optimum health, strength and professional wellbeing.

    In response to the growing demand for a bioresonance treatment for sugar control The Conscious Professional has developed this ground-breaking program.


Bioresonance is an umbrella term which is traditionally used to describe the interaction between the bio-field of a living organism and frequency patterns that interact with specific parts of it such as those from a piece of bioresonance equipment. Bioresonance therapy is a quantum technology that draws an individual’s energies back towards health and strength in a completely holistic and interactive way. During a bioresonance treatment the client is linked to the bioresonance machine with wrist straps. The treatment is gentle and pleasant.  

As a modality, bioresonance is a powerful tool for energy balancing and healing and is often used in cases of substance dependency.


Individual clients can book bioresonance appointments for substance dependency direct by calling or emailing to arrange an appointment.

Our service is available in Highbury, Central London, moments away from Arsenal tube station on the Piccadilly line.

Please call 0207 193 0548 or email for current rates.


We can run a bioresonance clinic as part of a wellbeing day or as an individual service.

All of the equipment can be set up in a conference room and we can see several clients over the course of a half or full day.

Bioresonance solutions can also be combined with our executive coaching packages.

We understand the importance of confidentiality both to the individuals and to the firm.

If you would like staff to be able to address substance dependency issues anonymously we can also arrange this.