A Mindful Approach to Personal Excellence and Wellness


Neil is in a league of his own when it comes to coaching. He is, at the same time, compassionate, intuitive and powerful in his technique, helping to cut through what can seem like insoluble and heavy-laden life issues with a diamond-like precision and clarity, gently paving the way to help you to a resolution of your own creation. I cannot recommend him strongly enough.–Kush Modgil, Associate Lawyer, Manches LLP

Neil has an infectious ability to dispel the shadows.–HHJ Damien Lochrane

The work that I have done with Neil has helped me to get to a place where I am calmer and more trusting of my ability to fulfil my potential. He challenges me to face fears head-on and be honest with myself, without making it feel like my sense of ‘success’ depends upon it. Neil is non-judgmental, effective and committed to the work he does and I always leave our sessions feeling closer to the truth of who I am and what I am doing.–Stephen Lue, Barrister

Finding Neil has really been a life changing experience for me. Seeing Neil has strengthened me and propelled me through my own transition and I would recommend these sessions to anyone. Some people shy away from a more energetic approach to coaching, but the impact it has is more than you would ever imagine.–Heather Penny, Executive



As professionals move up they are likely to find themselves spending more time with clients and fulfilling challenging leadership roles. Communication, management and personal effectiveness skills become crucial assets for your business.

Many of today’s professionals are looking not only for success, but alignment between who they are and what they do and as the conscious business movement gains momentum, increasingly professionals will seek to co-create their own career within the firm.  As a result, they are looking to work in forward-thinking companies in which they feel purposeful, committed and authentic.

The Conscious Professional’s coaching programmes will enable you to meet this new demand and assist your people in realising their full potential in all of these aspects.


Conscious coaching helps professionals align with their authentic nature and find connection, balance and joy in all aspects of work and life. I specialise in:

• Mindfulness and Spiritual Enquiry
• Transition: Career or Personal
• Wellbeing: Evolve a Practice of Self-Nurture
• Resilience: Increase your Professional Stamina
• Confidence and Personal Impact
• Stepping Up: Leadership Challenges
• Communication: Presentation and Integrity
• Deep-Seated Personal Development Issues
• Substance Dependency


A single three-hour appointment with Neil Seligman to completely review your current situation and introduce the conscious and mindful approach. Bespoke plan created.


Mentored personal excellence turnaround to increase resilience, enhance wellbeing and reduce anxiety and/or addictive behaviours.
Three seventy-five minute sessions. Includes bioresonance therapy for substance-dependency as required.


A set of six, thirty-minute skype sessions to be taken within a period of three months during which Neil will offer mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, set homework and answer your questions, as you build your personal practice.


Single ninety-minute combined bioresonance and coaching session for stop-smoking, alcohol-control, weight-balancing, sugar-control or other dependency. Includes a unique homeopathic remedy prepared for you during your session.


An assessed one-to-one 6 month Mindfulness Trainer mentoring program with mindfulness expert and Founder of The Conscious Professional, Neil Seligman.


A set of coaching sessions to focus on the goals, obstacles and challenges of your choice. Sessions last ninety minutes and can be taken in Highbury, (adjacent to Arsenal tube station) or by skype.  Purchased in blocks of three, six or twelve.


Includes transformational Soul Portrait Experience plus 1hr coaching appointments before and after.

For current rates please call 0207 1930548 or email.


My approach to coaching is based on the theories of mindfulness, presence and authenticity. I believe that individual happiness, purpose and success arise when we are clear about who we are and what is important to us.

I encourage clients to understand deeply their individual values and in reviewing their current situation, assist them in identifying those foundational factors that must be in place for them to feel aligned and meet their challenges with creativity, resourcefulness and compassion.

My process is intuitive, engaging and intensely practical. In all I do, I am driven by my two passions: witnessing the unfolding of human potential and the pursuit of excellence.


I practised for 8 years as a civil law Barrister in a leading London Chambers before creating The Conscious Professional in 2012. My coaching work began in 2005 . I have extensive experience with clients from trainee to CEO and Minister level.

  • Qualified Life Coach
  • Mindfulness Course Leader
  • Professional Skills Expert
  • Energy Coach, The Joshi Clinic
  • Usui and Karuna Reiki Master
  • Qualified Bioresonance Practitioner
  • Substance-Dependency Specialist
  • Barrister