A Conscious Approach to Corporate Integrity



According to Fred Kofman, author of ‘Conscious Business, How to Build Value Through Values’:

“A conscious business seeks to promote the intelligent pursuit of happiness in all its stakeholders.  It produces sustainable exceptional performance through the solidarity of its community and the dignity of each member.”

The conscious business movement therefore challenges firms to align the output, structure and culture of the firm with the values of the individuals who devote their time and energy working within it.


The Conscious Professional is perfectly placed to assist you in meeting the challenges of Conscious Business in three ways:

  1. Analysis – we interview leaders and staff, assess the business and analyse the culture, ethics and structure.
  2. Advice – we recommend pragmatic solutions to help your company evolve into a more conscious future whilst growing profits.
  3. Review – we check in at agreed intervals to assess the outcomes of the plan, overcome obstacles and resistance and keep your firm on a conscious course.


If you are not paying attention to this, it is likely that your competitors are.  Generation Z expect more from their employers…

When your next wave of trainees come for interview and ask how personal values are represented at a corporate level, how will your firm respond?


Neil Seligman is writing the book on ‘How to Align Your Values with Who You Are and What You Do’.

Over 12 years, Neil has worked for more than half of the Top 100 Law Firms either as Barrister, Trainer or Coach.  He knows the issues that professionals face – why they succeed and why they drop out.  He also sees how the issues of individuals can affect the business as a whole and how toxic cultures can grow out of unconscious behaviours.

The principles of alignment and authenticity can be applied to organisational change and Neil is perfectly placed to help you lead that change in your business.

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