Neil offered me a unique experience to be a part of an extraordinary photo shoot. It was a holistic experience, exploring the inner and outer layers of myself, and moving beyond any conceived ideas of posing for a shot. We used sound, colour, and visualization to achieve what I believe to be truly unique portraits of myself. I have been shot by countless photographers over the years from all over the world, and none have touched on this experience. The results speak volumes, and can be interpreted on many levels.–Arian Levanael, Performer

Neil offers his whole being to engaging with his moment-to-moment intuitive perceptions. Through his use of space, sound, color, imagery, and words he follows the energies of life as they interact with your being to create a living field in which he shoots. The results are indeed portraits of another order. He is a delight; and our session was much more than a  “sitting.” It was an experience to remember.–Christine Barrington, Transformational Psychotherapist and Wisdom 2.0 Host

With the advent of photography, capturing a person’s likeness became easier for the portrait artist.  But a portrait is more than just a likeness.  A good portrait captures the soul.  Neil’s distinctive portrait process does just that, it frees the subject from the worries of the physical self, and captures and illuminates their very inner essence.  The resulting images beautifully express the intricate complexities that make us unique.  The process of “sitting” for a portrait was both spiritually uplifting and artistically satisfying. And I think the resulting images truly captured parts of me that I’ve known about myself, but never expressed.–John James Hickey, Director


Since 2008 Neil’s work has been exhibited widely throughout London and the UK.  His portraits can be found in public buildings and private collections around the world.

In September 2014 Neil’s exhibition ‘Souls of Wisdom’ featuring Soren Gordhamer will make its debut at the Wisdom 2.0 Europe Summit.  The exhibition will be hosted by Google at the Google Foundry in Dublin.

In 2015 the exhibition will travel to San Francisco for the main Wisdom 2.0 event where it will be seen by over 2000 delegates and the leaders and visionaries of the conscious business movement.

For an introduction to the Soul Portrait process you may enjoy this Huffington Post Article by Neil Seligman. Click here.


Corporate clients might  consider how an exhibition of staff Soul Portraits in your client spaces subtly underlines your company’s creativity and conscious credentials.

As an optional extra, Corporate Soul Portrait Packages may include a 1-1 coaching session before and after the photoshoot.


A set of Soul Portraits of yourself or your loved ones serve as a powerful and beautiful reminder of your true nature.

Please call or email for further details.


“The physical body can be thought of as a mask which holds our aesthetic identity but shields deeper truths. I have developed a technique combining meditation, movement and digital-photography which allows me a glimpse beyond the mask, to the essence.
There, I find authenticity, mystery and profound beauty.
It is always an honour and a pleasure to welcome new clients to the studio.”
Neil Seligman