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Mindfulness-Based Professional Effectiveness (MBPE)Mindfulness-Based Professional Effectiveness (MBPE)

Mindfulness-Based Professional Effectiveness (MBPE)

MBPE offers the Gold Standard in mindfulness training for professionals.

Our signature course can be delivered flexibly to suit your requirements and cycled through multiple times.

Up to 12 delegates per group.

Flexible delivery options.

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The Conscious LeaderThe Conscious Leader

The Conscious Leader

A ground-breaking experiential leadership program designed to exceed the needs of tomorrow’s conscious business leaders.

This experiential course expands leadership capacities and leadership consciousness through experientialgGroup eork founded on the principles of Mindfulness, Authenticity and Presence.

Facilitation: Neil Seligman and Karen Ledger

Flexible course duration.

Presentation MasterclassPresentation Masterclass

Presentation Masterclass

A masterclass in presentation skills by Barrister and Mindfulness Trainer, Neil Seligman.

Neil has trained 1000’s of lawyers from top-100 firms in the art of presentation and advocacy.

This course can be run as a 1-1 intensive coaching session or delivered to a group of up to 8.

2-3 hour course.

Conscious CreativityConscious Creativity

Conscious Creativity

We don’t believe people when they say “I’m not a creative person”.  Here’s some of the topics we cover:

Uncovering creativity.
Check your permission settings.
Keeping the analyst at bay.
Your relationship with flow.
Free expression and the heart.
Embracing failure and detachment.
Trying v. Allowing

This course can be delivered to enhance creativity generally or to troubleshoot the unfolding of your project.  We will integrate practical exercises with the teaching, based on your needs.

Up to 12 delegates.

1 day or 1/2 day course.

The Conscious TeamThe Conscious Team

The Conscious Team

Relationship, communication, trust and respect.  We don’t shy away from calling a spade a spade.  Invite us to help your team evolve entirely new potentials.

The vision.  The First Creation.
Be where you are – Be who you are.
Boundaries create affection – lack of boundaries create war.
Communication and the truth.
Remaining in relationship.
Trust and Respect.
Welcoming dissent.
A commitment to the present moment.

1/2, 1 or 2 day course.

Residential options available.

Professional ResilienceProfessional Resilience

Professional Resilience

Professional life is no picnic. Stress, burnout, anxiety, rsi, bullying, politics, being overlooked or overworked all take their toll.

This course teaches you the skills you need to develop professional resilience so that you no longer need the world to be a certain way – you are present and proactive, whatever the world delivers.

A practical, insightful and challenging approach to resilience from the mindful perspective.

Up to 12 delegates.

2 or 3 hour course.

Digital MindfulnessDigital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness

There has never been a greater need for professionals to gain control of the technology and the data-stream that dominates professional life.

This session provides a reality check as well as all the insightful and practical solutions required for successful data and device management.

Up to 30 delegates.

60 / 90 /180 minutes

Emotional Intelligence For ProfessionalsEmotional Intelligence For Professionals

Emotional Intelligence For Professionals

An abundance of research points to EI (Emotional Intelligence) as the best marker for a combination of success, productivity, wellbeing and happiness at work.

This course teaches the principles, theory and practice of emotional intelligence and is geared to equip busy professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the modern workplace.

Up to 12 participants.

90 or 180 minute course.


Conscious Communication SkillsConscious Communication Skills

Conscious Communication Skills

This course covers:

Authentic Communication
Non-Violent Communication

Up to 12 delegates.

3 hour course.