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Introducing The Conscious Professional team – leading experts in mindfulness for professionals and wellbeing at work

Introducing Neil Seligman

“When I created The Conscious Professional in the Spring of 2012, suddenly the twists and turns of my career made sense. Everything that I had been doing finally pointed in the same direction.”

I graduated from Bristol University in 2000 with a law degree and a qualification as a Reiki Master. University had been packed with learning and discovery and I was fascinated not only with succeeding in life, but with the nature of life itself. I passed the Bar, joining a prestigious set of Barristers Chambers in London where I practiced civil law for 8 years. Although I loved the challenge and the skills I was using, I felt uninspired and came to feel misaligned with much of the work I was being paid to do.

I left practice in 2009 and spent 3 years travelling, exploring my creativity through photography and performance and deepening my connection to the energetic and spiritual dimension of life that had always fascinated me.

In this period I also committed to my development as a professional skills trainer. I had begun teaching whilst still in practice as a Barrister in 2005 and I increased this in 2009 working as a Trainer for FreshDG and Bond Solon.

In 2009, I also increased my client work at the Holistic Life Practice and Joshi Clinic where I was offering Meditation & Life Coaching.

When I created The Conscious Professional in the Spring of 2012, suddenly the twists and turns of my career made sense. Everything that I had been doing finally pointed in the same direction.

Since then it has been a delight to watch The Conscious Professional emerge as a leading provider of mindful education to top-tier firms in the UK and Internationally.

My passions remain the same: witnessing the unfolding of human potential, and the pursuit of excellence.

“Neil’s session at our global HR conference was exceptional, receiving glowing feedback and lasting impact.” 

Johnny Nichols, HR Director Bird & Bird

“Neil’s session at our global HR conference was exceptional, receiving glowing feedback and lasting impact.”

Johnny Nichols, HR Director Bird & Bird

The Conscious Professional Team

Andy Paice Mindfulness Trainer

Andy Paice

Mindfulness Trainer

Andy used to be a Buddhist Monastic living in a Tibetan Monastery in France from 1998-2007. Over the years he has devoted thousands of hours and long retreats to Meditation and Mindfulness practices. Now returned to the secular life, Andy enthusiastically brings the skills of his extensive training to helping busy professionals access their innate resources of mental space, calm and clarity.

For the past 5 years he has been pursuing his purpose and passion working as a London based Mindfulness Trainer, Coach and Facilitator in business, corporate and community environments. Andy delivers Mindfulness workshops, courses and one-to-one sessions.

Karen Ledger Executive Coach and Trainer

Karen Ledger

Leadership Trainer and Executive Coach

Karen’s work is underpinned by a philosophy of empathic understanding, honesty and respect. She has in depth training and experience which enables her to provide safety and support for people to work at the fringes of their awareness where they are enriched and challenged by their own discoveries.

Karen has over twenty years experience in a wide range of coaching, facilitation and team development interventions. Clients span the independent and public sectors and include cross-boundary working with politicians. She has also worked with Finance Departments, Executive Boards and Senior Management Teams. Her work focuses on building effective relationships and communication to achieve high performance and fulfilment.

As a coach and facilitator she creates an environment of acceptance, transparency, tenderness, realism, and delight.

Karen and Neil Seligman train together on the Conscious Leadership Program.

Laura Clark Conscious Nutrition Expert

Laura Clark

Conscious Nutrition Expert

Laura decided to become a dietitian combining her love of working with people and her passion for food and the science of nutrition. Laura has expertise in health and performance nutrition, as well as behaviour-change counselling.

TV appearances include BBC Breakfast and ITV1’s ‘The Biggest Loser’.

Laura leads Conscious Nutrition workshops for The Conscious Professional.

Chloe Culhane Yoga Instructor

Chloe Culhane

Yoga Instructor

Chloe is an advocate of not competing with yourself and thus teaches yoga as a method of enhancing self-compassion. Her experience in Vinyasa, Bikram, Evolation and Yin Yoga has allowed her to create classes full of diversity and accessible to students of all levels.

Chloe has experience teaching in the UK and USA including corporate classes, open classes, and workshops at Lulu Lemon stores and festivals. Chloe especially loves to work with those who are new to yoga, helping them connect with their own practice.

Shalini Sequeira

Professional Skills Trainer

Shalini collaborates with leaders and professionals, helping them to solve complex challenges and to develop their skills and resourcefulness. She brings a deep empathy, sense of humour and honesty to every interaction, and strives to do excellent work focused on the needs of each individual or group. She creates a supportive environment for people to think and to connect to their own experience, leading to insight and solutions, and higher performance for both individual and organisation.

Shalini has over 25 years experience of living and working in different countries, as a lawyer, as a leader, as a facilitator of learning and a coach. Her work in the corporate world is complemented by not for profit work. She has been involved in many business sectors and has worked with leadership teams, senior managers and CEOs. She brings her varied experience of the world, and her unique perspective, to all her work.

Her passion is in seeing people at all levels develop and grow, enjoy more of what they do, and work smarter.

Tuire Schoonen

Mindfulness, Stress, & Burnout Expert

Having worked for Unilever as a Global Brand Development Manager for the first chapter of her career, Tuire experienced a burnout which inspired her next move. She is now an experienced and sought-after Mindfulness Expert with a passion for working with people who may be exposed to high-stress or fear they may be close to, or experiencing, burnout.

Through her personal burnout journey, she brings not only her professional skills but a deeply compassionate and practical approach to help others avoid burnout, or successfully recover when burnout arises. Tuire works with organisations educating staff and bringing awareness to the risk factors that can lead to employee exhaustion.

Tuire works as a Mindfulness trainer and facilitator for private and corporate clients, delivering workshops, courses, and private sessions. She is also an Assistant Teacher at The Mindful Academy in Spain where she trains new Mindfulness teachers.

Tuire’s facilitation is based on authenticity, openness, and appreciation for our human experience, always with a touch of humour.

Stephen Lue

Professional Resilience Trainer

Barrister, Stephen Lue is Co-Lead of the Family Group at Garden Court Chambers and has established a strong reputation as a skilful advocate in the Family Court and Court of Protection.

Alongside his practice, Stephen is a regular speaker at client events, and trains solicitors in a variety of professional skills including advocacy and negotiation. Stephen is an elite swimmer, team coach, and keen meditator. Through his role in chambers, work with athletes, and his dedication to his own personal development, he has established himself as an expert in both Wellbeing and Professional Resilience.

Stephen is delighted to offer Professional Skills and Resilience training through The Conscious Professional.

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