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Self awareness, good habits, and authenticity all lie at the heart of professional resilience, a skill which is quickly becoming one of the most valued in leading organisations today.

Professional resilience training enables individuals to smoothly navigate and overcome challenges in the workplace, giving them the inspiration and insight they need to consistently perform at a high level. Resilient professionals not only experience greater energy, confidence and mental focus in their day-to-day but also build stronger relationships within the business. Resilience training can fundamentally change the way an organisation thinks and behaves, creating a healthy and productive environment for success to blossom.

Our Professional Resilience course is modular, allowing clients to create their own tailored program based on their learning needs. Choose any combination from the modules listed on the right side of the page.

We can advise which elements might work best for your delegate group and how many to choose, dependent on the duration of your course.

  1. Resilience Awareness
  2. The Conscious Guide to Stress
  3. Mindfulness in the Workplace
  4. Digital Wellbeing
  5. Personal Wellbeing
  6. Emotional Intelligence
  7. Alignment and Success
  1. New Job, New Challenges
  2. Professional Boundaries: Saying No & Meeting Deadlines
  3. Dealing with Challenging Behaviours
  4. Challenging Conversations
  5. Perfectionism
  6. Neuroplasticity & Happiness
  7. Joy
  8. Creativity
  9. Conscious Leadership
  10. Self-Compassion
  11. Change & Uncertainty

Mindfulness, is not just about stress, anxiety and counting your breath, it is about strength, performance, and excellence.

In our dynamic, inspiring, and experiential sessions delegates are introduced to the What, Why and How of Mindfulness as well as learning about the latest scientific research on its proven benefits in the workplace. They leave with simple tools to integrate formal and informal mindfulness practices and exercises into their personal and professional lives.

Why not start with a series of three powerful sessions:

  1. Mindfulness 101
  2. Mindfulness Stress and Performance
  3. Mindfulness: Embedding Your Practice
  1. Mindfulness 101 / Professional Mindfulness
  2. Mindfulness Stress & Performance
  3. Mindfulness: Embedding Your Practice
  4. A Mindful Guide to Emotional Intelligence
  5. Mindfulness 4 Week Course
  6. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

We are all digital addicts – the age of information has quickly become the age of distraction. In this powerful session delegates assess the extent of their own addictive behaviours before learning how the internet and apps have been designed to purposefully addict users. Once enlightened, delegates are free to commit to new digital boundaries and win back their time and precious attention.


Digital Wellbeing can be included as a module within a Professional Resilience Course or can run as a stand alone 60 minute session.

We find ourselves poised at a moment in history where fresh solutions must now call forward an entirely new paradigm of leadership consciousness.

Conscious Leadership is that paradigm.

Incorporating lessons on Self-Knowledge, Self-Maintenance, Self-Development, Self-Management, and Self Mastery, Conscious Leadership is the journey out of fear.

Neil Seligman is the Author of forthcoming title Conscious Leadership: Reveal Your Potential. Inspire Excellence. (Published Nov 2019 by White Lion Publishing – a Build+Become Title).

  1. The Conscious Leader
  2. Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

1-1 Leadership Coaching is also available.

Surviving to Thriving with Tuire Niinimäki is an eye-opening and inspiring workshop designed to help your people understand the realities of burnout and learn powerful tools to manage their stress and resilience. Highly recommended by our clients.

Course Description

With the high demands of modern life, trying to succeed both professionally and at home can feel like a daily battle for survival. For many, stress becomes a familiar accompaniment to the day, and even feels normal. This development profoundly affects our mental and physical wellbeing. When stress becomes the norm, we find ourselves becoming more and more exhausted, looking for a quick fix to make us feel better. But quick fixes rarely work, yet it is possible to thrive instead of just survive.

Join this inspiring workshop to hear a real-life story about how living under chronic stress and ignoring one’s own needs led to exhaustion and a double burnout. You will get an intimate look into the hard-won insights of Tuire’s journey from surviving to thriving. This workshop is not your everyday stress management training, but it will challenge you, in a light-hearted way, to approach your own challenges from a different angle, whilst offering practical tools to help you thrive.

Tuire Niinimäki

Having worked for Unilever as a Global Brand Development Manager for the first chapter of her career, Tuire experienced a burnout which inspired her next move. She is now an experienced and sought-after Mindfulness Expert with a passion for working with people who may be exposed to high-stress or fear they may be close to, or experiencing, burnout. Through her personal burnout journey, she brings not only her professional skills but a deeply compassionate and practical approach to help others avoid burnout, or successfully recover when burnout arises.

The Conscious Professional offers three Conscious Nutrition workshops which can be offered as stand-alone sessions or run sequentially to deliver incremental learning:

What’s Your Eating Personality?

You make over 200 food-related decisions a day, 95% of which are subconscious. In a fast-paced professional environment what and how you eat has a profound effect on your physical and mental wellbeing, not to mention your engagement and productivity at work.

In this dynamic workshop you will discover which one of the five Eating Personalities you most align with and discover what is most likely to influence your daily food habits. With greater insight and perspective, you will leave with tailored nutrition tips and practical advice to take control of your nutritional wellbeing.

Nutrition – Ask the Expert!

Nutrition Science is a complex field, with few definitive answers and a lot of grey areas. Often the media exacerbates the problem, making headlines out of conflicting reports and fuelling misinterpretation. The outcome is all too familiar: consumer confusion!

In this session, it is your chance to ask the nutrition questions you have always wanted answered. Diet dilemmas, food fictions, nutrition nightmares all welcome.

This session will be guided by your questions as leading expert Laura Clark shines a light on the latest science and offers you sound and practical nutrition advice.

Performance Nutrition

You make 60% of your food choices at work and whether you are aware of them or not, they have a profound impact on your day. In this workshop you will learn how to unlock your potential by eating well and making powerful decisions to fuel your excellence. Do you know what it takes to nourish both brain and body for optimal productivity and resilience? Expect a dynamic workshop incorporating practical tips and strategies to take your performance and wellbeing to the next level.

  1. Presentation Skills Masterclass
  2. Presentation Skills Workshop
  3. Interviewing Skills
  4. Challenging Conversations
LAURA CLARK, Dietitian

Laura decided to become a dietitian combining her love of working with people and her passion for food and the science of nutrition. Laura has expertise in health and performance nutrition, as well as behaviour-change counselling.

TV appearances include BBC Breakfast and ITV1’s ‘The Biggest Loser’.

Laura leads Conscious Nutrition workshops for The Conscious Professional.

At the heart of all businesses are complex human relationships. Those that navigate the top realms of corporate structures no longer find advancement through their IQ. EQ has become the most powerful indicator of who will progress and who will succeed in leadership roles.

  1. A Mindful Guide to Emotional Intelligence
  2. Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
  3. Emotional Intelligence For Leaders

Creativity and Joy are modules that can be included within a Professional Resilience programme or offered as stand-alone sessions.

Creativity Training

In a 2010 IBM research study involving 1500 CEO’s from more than 60 countries, the number one core leadership competency for future success was identified as creativity.
Taking a look at creativity in professional life we explore:

  • The Relationship Between Creativity and Self-Criticism
  • The Four Stages of Creativity
  • How to Harness Creativity as a Professional Asset
  • Strategies for Cultivating Creativity
  • Practical Creative Activities
Joy & Happiness Training

We once heard joy described as ‘the new gasoline!’ Certainly happiness and joie de vivre are appreciated at work, but how do we increase our joyfulness and is it even possible? In our session we will explore:

  • Definitions of Joy and Happiness
  • The Aerodynamics of Joy (how we experience it)
  • The Business Case for Joy
  • The Skill of Untethering Joy from Circumstances
  • Joy Killers & Joy Boosters

Beyond his work at The Conscious Professional, Neil Seligman is the originator of Soul Portrait Photography.

Neil’s work has been commissioned by Google and the Wisdom 2.0 Conference and shown in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and California. Examples of his work can be found in private collections around the world.

This course is designed to give professionals the edge when negotiating for themselves and on behalf of clients.

Building from the ground up, the course tools participants with key definitions, concepts, styles and principles of negotiation then introduces them to the power of presence, empathy, intuition, and intentionality. The course concludes with the rules of engagement, expert-moves, persuasion, delivery, boundaries and tactics.

  1. Powerful Negotiation

1-1 Negotiation Coaching is also available.

What you say and how you say it will define your career and your life. Our presentation skills courses are designed to increase confidence, presence, and gravitas.

Our Interviewing Skills Course is designed for lawyers and can be flexibly delivered for Trainees, Associates, or Partners.

Our popular Challenging Conversations program builds self-awareness, behavioural awareness, and compassion. Offering practical skills to help your professionals navigate conflict with equanimity, this is a powerful training that delegates will remember throughout their careers.

  1. Presentation Skills Masterclass
  2. Presentation Skills Workshop
  3. Interviewing Skills
  4. Challenging Conversations

1-1 Communication Skills Coaching is also available. Our trainers are well-versed in dealing with the Presenting / Interviewing / Negotiating challenges faced by senior professionals and can quickly deliver the right support, in the right way.

“Thank you for your enthralling session!” 

Oliver Holmes, Human Capital & Diversity – Accenture


A 2017 report from the Reward & Employee Benefits Association shows that 45% of UK companies have a clearly defined employee wellbeing strategy in place, while 95% of those which don’t are planning to implement one in the future.

It is no surprise that organisations are making workplace wellness a priority –  the business case is solid. A well-executed employee wellbeing programme can have a direct impact on their bottom line, from reducing turnover costs through to dramatically improving individual and team performance.

In this fast-paced and changing world, the companies which value and support their people are those which enjoy long-term success. It is now therefore vital for businesses to include the health and wellbeing of their people and teams in their vision, mission, and values. We can help you do just that.

Our Expertise

Bespoke Mindfulness, Resilience & Wellbeing Programmes

We know that an effective employee wellbeing programme goes beyond running ad hoc wellness activities – it is a framework by which the organisation lives, and in which everyone is invested. We help businesses across the world develop bespoke mindful education and wellbeing programmes, with the expertise to then partner in their delivery.

Transforming Your Team or Business

If a team or business were an organism, the state of its health, productivity, and performance would be dependent upon how it had been created and nurtured. Where dysfunction arises, healing must be initiated before it can return to health and strength. We take on the role of observer-analyst-mentor, listening for the deeper causes underlying the dysfunction, opening the channels of communication, acting as a catalyst for the healing process, and laying the groundwork for transformational results. 

Master Negotiation Consultant

Acting as mentor to your key negotiator or negotiation team, we support you in building a powerful strategy, help you catch errors before they are made and provide a skilled sounding-board for decision-making.

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