100 Mindfulness Meditations PUBLISHED!!

100 Mindfulness Meditations PUBLISHED!!

100 Mindfulness Meditations PUBLISHED!! 538 283 The Conscious Professional

From the very first moment, the reader is shepherded with skill and care
into the inner workings of their awareness as they are invited to
take a personal journey through delightfully novel and endearing
practices, at their own pace, and in an order of their choosing.

The West is in the early stages of its love affair with mindfulness. It is almost impossible
to flip a page of a magazine without coming across yet another article telling us why we should
be more mindful and less mindless. Doctors, academics, neuroscientists, psychologists, journalists and
coaches all seem to be embracing the practice, proclaiming its benefits, and pushing forward what
might be described as the Mindful Revolution. But how many of those who are excited by the ideas
and benefits of mindfulness have actually managed to embed their practice amongst the pressures
of modern daily life? A new book, 100 Mindfulness Meditations, is due to be published that will enable
readers to do just that.

Whilst there are many books that introduce mindfulness theory and practice, none is as precise in
its instruction, comprehensive in its scope, or exciting in its delivery as this book, which opens with an
intriguing definition:
Mindfulness is an experience for you to discover. Within these pages, you will find 100 invitations
into the rich realm of your own awareness. What you learn within, will be your personal wisdom.
What you find, will be yourself. Why believe in anyone else’s version of mindfulness when mindfulness
lives inside of you and is ready in every moment to reveal itself in the presence of your listening.

The book is organised into three sections: Foundations for Mindfulness Practice, Applying Mindfulness
in Daily Life, and Advanced Practices which over time enhance creativity, build compassion, reduce
anxiety and nurture inner calm. Through these beautifully described practices, the reader learns an
array of mindfulness skills and additionally develops the confidence to share them with others.

Neil Seligman explains: My aim was to produce a book which would enable people to self-teach
mindfulness in a fun and practical way and be the only reference manual they would ever need.
There is no book on the market which achieves that degree of thoroughness. This book reflects 20
years of personal practice and lessons learned working with thousands of clients over the years. It is
an honour to share my mindfulness practice with others through this book and I am deeply grateful
to all of my teachers.

100 Mindfulness Meditations is destined to become the go-to mindfulness resource book for beginners,
enthusiasts and teachers too.

Neil Seligman is the Founder of The Conscious Professional. He is a Life Coach
and Usui Reiki Master and has been practising mindfulness for over twenty years.
He offers corporate training programs and 1-1 mindfulness coaching through
The Conscious Professional, Mindfulness Retreats through Champneys and
Mindfulness-Inspired Fine Art through Soul Portrait Studio.

Available Now on Amazon.

100 Mindfulness Meditations: The Ultimate Collection of Inspiring Daily Practices is
published by Conscious House and available on Amazon priced £12.99.


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