2018’s Biggest Health and Wellness Trends

2018’s Biggest Health and Wellness Trends

2018’s Biggest Health and Wellness Trends 5184 3456 The Conscious Professional

“The concept of total wellness recognises that our every thought, word, and behaviour affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.” ~ Greg Anderson

With every passing year, more and more of us are hiking health and wellness upwards on our list of lifestyle priorities. In fact, health and wellness are responsible for a sea of trends and innovations, wellness is finally popular. Is wellbeing cool now? Indeed it may be, as more holistic and natural products and lifestyles are now in high in demand. It is because of this that we are starting to see huge companies commit themselves to a more wellness-based outlook; shifting their products and services to an overwhelming demand for lives full of health and wellness.

The general philosophy of wellness has shifted, in recent years, to a truly giving mindset. We have collectively realised that it is about so much more than our personal development, we are now moving to concentrate on healing each other as well as ourselves. 2018 has already played host to a number of trends all about making the world as a whole a happier, more grateful and more satisfied place to live.

1. Earth Care

Over the last few years, it has been proven and become very clear that we, the humans, are largely responsible for the accelerated decay of the planet upon which we live. We are already seeing the effects of global warming, with crops struggling to thrive under extreme weather conditions, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions now becoming more commonplace than ever, resilient diseases knocking at our door; it is all very real.

These realities have seen many institutions and individuals embrace eco living ideals. This includes alternative power sources, prioritising sustainable business practices, zero waste living, single use plastic reduction, hybrid vehicles and natural cosmetics!

2. Clean Cosmetics

Everyone is after natural beauty products now. Up until 2017, natural make up and toiletries were more of a ‘fad’, a niche market. However, 2018 has seen this demand go mainstream. Most large cosmetic companies have put a lot more effort into expanding their natural products ranges. Many people are also opting to go DIY with their cosmetic products. The internet is now creaking with recipes and videos showing you how to make anything from an avocado facemask (which is very 2016, I’m told) to natural mascaras and eye shadows!

3. Sleep Science

The importance of sleep has been recognised! The age-old story about 6 hours sleep being the optimum rest time to be a successful person, is all we have really had to go on for a good while. It turns out that sleep is significantly more complex than that, and that getting the sleep you need is not only personal to you, but is vitally important to your entire quality of life. We are spending much more time analysing and adjusting our habits around and during sleep to optimise our productivity.

4. Clean Eating Pets

Clean eating is not new to us humans, this has been an ongoing trend for many years. However, we are now applying the same mindset to our pets. Commercial pet food is not, in general, ideal in terms of nutrition for our favourite animals. Many of us are looking at more healthy and natural ways to feed our pets. This includes the nutritional content of the pet food we buy, and it also means mimicking their natural habits around food and hunting. We love our pets, and healthy pets are happy pets.

5. Self-Care as A Necessity

Historically, many people end up in a bad place because they have forgotten to take care of themselves. For a long time, taking time to look after yourself has been seen as selfish or neglectful to other dependants. However, if you are not taking care of yourself, other people suffer. They suffer because you are not able to function properly, and they suffer because they hate to see you suffer. Self-care is not a luxury, it is absolutely essential, and our culture now seems to be embracing this idea with open arms.

By Chris Thomson

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