4 Tips for Springboarding into the New Year

4 Tips for Springboarding into the New Year

4 Tips for Springboarding into the New Year 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.” – Johnathan Huie

The festive season brings many things with it; coziness, an abundance of social engagements, food, drink, jollity, gifts, more food, TV, lights, crips walks, warm fireside nights, and, more often than not… a renewal of hope.

Whether you believe in new year’s resolutions or not, I think it is fair to say that the new year does bring a feeling of turning over a new leaf. The joy of December and the opportunity to have reflected and found nugget of clarity, often blesses us with a sense that this year might be a year where you finally do that thing, change that habit, or hit that goal.

Many of you will also know that this feeling does eventually subside. One the momentum of life starts running underneath you again, this clarity can be washed away with all the other concerns that our daily lives bring. So, the rub is, how to we use this brief burst of hopeful energy to propel us far into the year and into the rest of our lives?

January is always snubbed as being a dead month full of blues and comedowns. Rebrand it! Make it the month of new habits, new promises, and new improved versions of yourself!

1. Make a 12-Point List

Often, when we have hopes for the new year, they stay in our brains, and so, are disposed of easily. Goals are more easily hit when planned out and made more achievable. In terms of your big goals, plan to hit one per month for the next year. These goals could be, ‘try a new hobby’, or ‘get to the gym once a week’, or ‘cook 3 new recipes this month’. Also, very important… write them down. Make them ‘tick offable’. It’s amazing how much more accountable you become to your goals when they are out in the real world and not in your brain.

2. Scatter New Habits Across January

Here’s the thing… you may have many ambitions for the ‘new year you’, and if you do, it is probable that not all of them will stick. The monthly 12-point list will work for some people, but for others, what might work best is to cram January with all their new ideas and potential goals, knowing that most won’t stick, but some will. This is an approach that works well for me… the ‘keep throwing mud and see what sticks’ approach. It harnesses an idea that what is supposed to work, will work, and what isn’t won’t! It is progress, but with less pressure.

3. Meditate – Take Yourself Back

The new year energy comes to you in moments of contentment and clarity. You are sitting in a comfortable chair, eating or drinking something nice, in a fluffy jumper, with happy voices all around. This circumstance is easy to forget when you are in the depths of February and life is chugging along full throttle.

In these moments, close your eyes. Meditate. Try to take yourself back there. Back to that moment and that feeling. The moment where your new year energy, and your new ambition hit your heart. Try to conjure up that place and that feeling once more.

4. Be Kind to Yourself

One of my worst traits is to beat myself up when I don’t hit a target I wish to hit, or achieve my already to ambitious goals. However, I think I am also very good at moving past these daily personal disappointments and getting back on the horse.

I see it in many people. I’ve seen it in myself! They let one trip or stumble become a good enough reason to give up. The classic example; a person joins the gym and pledges to go twice a week. But in week four of January, they don’t go at all and see that as a failed attempt, and draw a line under the whole thing. New habits do not form overnight, they are a process. Be kind to yourself. Let yourself stumble, fall, and fail. Know that the horse you have fallen off has not bolted, it is standing there, patiently waiting for you to get back on.

By Chris Thomson


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