5 Difficult Moments That Mindfulness Can Transform

5 Difficult Moments That Mindfulness Can Transform

5 Difficult Moments That Mindfulness Can Transform 480 720 The Conscious Professional

1. Anxiety

When we are anxious, mindfulness encourages us to meet the experience with acceptance, non-judgment and compassionate awareness. One of the outcomes of the mindful approach is that we step into resourcefulness rather than victimhood. We acknowledge our experience and through not resisting, we allow it to normalize. Anxiety dissipates or we take action.

2. Catastrophising

Have you ever noticed that when something small goes wrong, the mind starts listing a whole sequence of future problems that may arise as a result. This mindset is often dubbed catastrophising. Mindfulness allows us to come back to our actual experience, it returns us to the present moment and therefore brings us back to our senses (literally). It is far more useful to be fully present with what has actually happened then to live a life predicting the worst.

3. Vulnerability and Tragedy

No human life will go untouched by vulnerability and tragedy. Whilst mindfulness cannot protect you from the pain of either it can remind you that suffering is a choice.

4. Stress at work

The pressure of deadlines, difficult colleagues, the struggle for recognition and office politics all provide wonderful opportunities to put the lessons of mindfulness into practice. Noticing your growing ability to respond resourcefully, to create solutions and to meet each moment with curiosity are all signs that your mindfulness practice is paying dividends.

5. Family issues

If you think you are enlightened they say you should spend a week living 24/7 with your family! Some of our biggest challenges to remain mindful are found at home. It is so easy to repeat old patterns, to rehearse painful conversations, arguments, to re-draw familiar lines in the sand. Mindfulness invites us more deeply into the uniqueness of the moment and allows us to see beyond the drama and patterns that may have kept us stuck for so long.


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