5 Inquiries For Conscious Professionals

5 Inquiries For Conscious Professionals

5 Inquiries For Conscious Professionals 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

In these persistently transformative times, the disruptions around us serve as catalysts for change, reshaping the landscape of possibilities and potential. Amid today’s tumult, we are presented with a daily invitation to re-evaluate and redirect our efforts. More significantly, each moment provides an opportunity to steer our thoughts toward new directions with heightened intention.

If you’re feeling the call to elevate your conscious impact, let’s explore five questions that will guide your reflection and help you craft a plan.

1. How Mindfully Are You Tending to Your Body and Awareness?

This question takes precedence, as witheest becomes inconsequential without a foundation of well-being pandemic underscored the essential lesson that health is paramount. Your well-being forms the bedrock for any impact you aspire to make in the world. The extent to which you’ve cultivated mindfulness towards your body and awareness directly correlates with your ability to consciously care for others and lead effectively. Well-being is an ongoing practice, so consistently return to your body and being, embrace quietude, and contemplate your needs for today.

2. How Content Are You in Your Primary Relationships?

The energy of your growth and evolution resides within your relationships. Periods of drama and discontent in primary relationships often herald the emergence of new layers of wisdom. Reflect on your current circle of primary relationships and gauge the level of harmony present. Are there lessons you’re resisting? Opportunities to embody compassion, generosity, clarity, patience, love, leadership, and boundaries? Breathe into the reflection, feeling your way to answers within your body—sensations, images, and cognitive knowing.

3. How Aligned Are You with Your Career?

Many professionals find themselves ensnared by success, proficient in their roles but disheartened by the absence of personal fulfilment they anticipated. Success and personal/professional alignment, I’ve learned, are distinct. A personal story illustrates this difference—my journey as a successful young Barrister in London felt hollow. Despite external recognition, I sensed misalignment. Stepping away revealed the profound power of alignment, surpassing the ego-driven nature of success. While success remains egoic and insatiable, alignment brings peace, purpose, and a profound sense of being enough. Reflect on the alignment of your work, listening for the call to a higher vibration.

4. How Does Your Work/Company Impact the Wider World?

Amidst the challenges our planet faces, corporations and their unconscious behaviours contribute to the heart of the problem. Conscious Professionals must scrutinise their organisations, advocating for change to align business visions, missions, and interests with the broader concerns of our global human family and planetary home.

5. How Open Is Your Heart?

In times of crisis, optimism and action are paramount. As John Kabat-Zinn emphasises, “It’s all hands on deck on planet Earth!” Navigating these challenges requires transcending intelligence to embrace wisdom. Include heartful awareness in decision-making, cultivate a mindful presence, and champion conscious solutions. The opportunity is vast—we can emerge from the weight of unconsciousness into the light of a higher vibration. Conscious Leadership beckons us to open our hearts to a new way and remember, support is all around.

By Neil Seligman


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