6 Pillars of Personal Wellbeing

6 Pillars of Personal Wellbeing

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“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – Eleanor Brown on the importance of personal wellbeing


Personal wellbeing is all very well, but what actually makes up a person with great personal wellbeing, hmm? What are the steps we can take to create an overall happier me and you?

As we step into the new year, and search for ways to make our lives richer and easier, it might serve to remind ourselves what aspects of our life contribute to wellbeing. This will not only give us some clarity, but can help us to make a less overwhelming plan for how to move towards a more positive and mindful life in the coming 12 months.

1. Conscious Living

The first pillar of wellbeing is simply living consciously. This simply means, to me anyway, being aware of every moment and action you partake in, and trying not to let life pass you by without you noticing or considering how you feel about it, and how it impacts your life. Often, we enter into situations before thinking about whether we really want to, and how that situation actually makes you feel. Try not to make passive decisions and be more conscious of what you are getting up to on a daily basis.

2. Learning

We know we need to eat well to nourish our body, but how often do we think about nourishing our minds? New knowledge keeps our brains fit, active and happy. Acquiring new skills and interests also grows our confidence, sense of worth and imagination. So, be conscious of being curious and applying your brain to as-yet-unknown subjects.

3. Purpose and Direction

Something that can really affect personal morale is the feeling of being rudderless. I have had many moments in life where I have been treading water and just existing simply to exist. No direction. No passion. No projects. It is in these moments that I know I need a new ‘something’ to do. This new thing doesn’t need to be an enormous seismic goal (although it can be, if you like). It could just be a new habit, like gardening once a week. It could be a new goal, like decorating a room in your house. In lockdown, I decided to write a one-man theatre show, because I’m happiest when I have a project on the go, a place to channel my imagination. Know yourself and find a direction.

4. Resilience

Building your resilience is vital to weathering personal storms. It is a skill and an attribute that can be learnt, practiced, and built, but that must be tended to on a regular basis. An ability to be knocked back and to get back up and move on is a must for a life full of forward momentum and purpose.

5. Relationships

Relationships of all kinds are needed for a healthy wellbeing. Connection with others holds importance for many reasons; joy, love, growth and healthy challenge and debate being some of them. However, I’m going to focus on another benefit of connecting with others for a moment. Our hopes, fears and daemons do their most damaging work when trapped inside us. Sharing is caring. Venting and reaching out for assistance with these personal issues stops us from going completely insane. Just yesterday I was having a bad day. Stuck in a mood I couldn’t shake. Someone asked me why I was shut off. I shared. And my day was infinitely better after that. Better out than in.

6. Letting Go

Grudges and dwelling on disappointment do nothing but eat into your happiness. Learn to forgive. Learn to let go. Think to yourself, is this negativity really worth holding on to? Who is this really hurting other than myself? It is true, we should never forget. But we should also never let little negativities ruin the big thing that is the rest of our lives.

By Chris Thomson


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