A Conscious Guide to Meditation for the Regular Practitioner

A Conscious Guide to Meditation for the Regular Practitioner

A Conscious Guide to Meditation for the Regular Practitioner 720 540 The Conscious Professional

Once you have become accustomed to bringing total awareness and silence into your meditation practice, you open the door to the infinite possibilities of discovery, self-exploration, contemplation and opening to wisdom.

Simply sitting in the silence and following its waves could provide a lifetime of teaching. Once the mind is still you may find that there are other streams of intelligence that become audible. Listen for the inner voice, the wisdom of the higher self and the whispers of revelation. Discover yourself anew. Many aspects that are available to be witnessed are not easy to define or name so don’t. Simply be the witness of the riches that arises from within the silence.

If you prefer a little structure to guide you within, I suggest three requests to contemplate in turn. These requests were ‘given’ to me when I meditated atop the Galzig mountain in St Anton, Austria.

1. Ask For Alignment

2. Ask for the Healings

3. Ask for the Teachings

Experimenting with these requests I have found the following:

1. Alignment

Once the mind has calmed and I have found the stillness within, I say to myself,

“I ask for alignment…”

I simply then wait. Sometimes nothing occurs in which case I wait for a moment and then move to the next request. However, sometimes I feel my body physically aligning. Often this centres around the spine but can also be felt as subtle energy shifts within the whole of my body. I also notice alignments in other subtle ways which are hard to define, my emotions seem to settle further, my mind feels larger and less constrained. Contractions release.

I simply allow this process to occur peacefully until it feels complete.

2. The Healings

I say to myself,

“I ask for the healings…”

I then wait again and watch for the flow of further subtle energies and processes. If words come to me in this part of the meditation I may pay them a little more attention, scanning to see whether they have the transient aroma of passing mind chatter or the denser more peaceful wisdom of the inner voice.

In this phase, the energies that can be experienced within the body can be quite strong. At times, healing energy is gentle but it can also be thorough, cleansing and challenging. Simply witness the sensations that arise within you and note the areas which seem to be most active.

Witness the healing phase until you feel it is complete.

3. The Teachings

I then say to myself,

“I ask for the teachings…”

I had in fact asked this very question when meditating on Mount Galzig in Austria when I was guided by my inner voice to begin using these three requests in my own meditation practice and in teaching others.

On some days the teachings are profound, on others days there is only silence. Accept each day’s bounty with gratitude just the same.

Use this structure to guide your next meditation and see what comes up for you!


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