A Message To Quiet Conscious Leaders

A Message To Quiet Conscious Leaders

A Message To Quiet Conscious Leaders 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

All over the world, I meet you – brilliant individuals quietly doing the work of Conscious Leadership. You approach me at events and conferences, telling me of your years of meditation, yoga, or spiritual practice and your dedication to creating conscious cultures and innovation in your families, teams, and organisations. You are empaths, meditators, yogis, and heartful beings undercover in all walks of life.

You might present as a Lawyer, Nurse, Therapist, Parent, Teacher, Consultant, Coach or something else but you are united in your journey to bring your practice into the heart of everything you be, and everything you do. You might be feeling a sense of weariness as you look at our world and at the quality of leadership breaking through at the very top – but please know that the next wave of human consciousness has already begun with you.

It is to you, the quiet Conscious Leaders who remain for the most part unseen and unsung, that I would like to offer a message of love, respect, acknowledgement, and gratitude for all that you are and all that you do. Please know that your work and your contribution are absolutely vital and hugely valued. Within a decade, I predict you and your peers will be at the pinnacle of power structures forging nothing less than a new direction for this world.

So, as we put 2022 to bed and continue on the conscious path into the New Year, I wondered if I might pass on a few ideas and inspirations that are getting me engaged and excited for the year ahead.

  1. Language Leadership: Let’s Stop Using The Language of War

    Our world is weaning itself off the language of war – I am too. Let’s all consider taking this on more centrally as part of the conscious mission. After all, there is no need to annihilate the other side, destroy the opposition, or kill it in the boardroom. When we speak like this and allow this language in our workplaces and homes we are perpetuating the consciousness of conflict. As Mark Strom says: New Words May Not Change Anything. But Nothing Changes Without New Words.

    Human consciousness cannot help but mirror itself as language. If your inner world is peaceful and powerful, let your words reflect that truth day by day. In 2023 as you reach for new phrases, know that you are teaching new ways of thinking and being. This is talking your walk.


  2. Acknowledge Yourself… You Are Pretty Incredible

    As with all things, at the end of 2022, there is also a beginning. So as the last page turns, a glorious moment awash with potential and choice opens to you. Perhaps take it as an opportunity to take stock of all of your accomplishments, notice your many gifts, appreciate your continued diligence, and with gratitude for staying on the path, acknowledge yourself as the Conscious Leader that you are.

  3. Hesitation Is Ok – But Don’t Miss Your Moment

    If you are hesitating, please don’t wait too long before you step up to the challenge of living and leading consciously and visibly. Know that there is never a moment when you feel completely ready (even when you are doing it) but there will be a moment, a moment bigger than you are, which powerfully invites you to stand up and be counted, and to step bravely into your destiny. My wish for you is that at that moment, the work that you have done thus far will help you to feel safe, capable, in touch with your magnificence, connected to your internal resources, and ultimately acknowledged as the brilliant human being that you are. Your actions are needed, your voice is required now too.


  4. Will Humanity Overcome Its Intelligence and Become Wise?

    I count this as my biggest preoccupation. The first wave of the mindfulness and mental health movement was about stabilising human consciousness. The second wave has always been of more interest to me personally – it is about what we do with stable human consciousness to inspire conscious creativity and the right action. This is the thrust of my work in corporations, using mindful practices to inform conscious decision-making and cultivate compassionate innovative cultures. Think strategically – how will you drive forward conscious creativity and the right action in your sphere of influence next year?

    For my part, in 2023 my forthcoming App SAXON will launch to bring the deeper spiritual aspects of my work forward more centrally as a practical problem-solving process featuring breath work, meditation and sound healing activations. I can’t wait to share it with you when we are ready to launch in the Spring.

In closing, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have contributed to our collective becoming. I invite you to continue on this journey of Conscious Leadership with renewed energy and optimism in 2023, stopping nothing short of becoming everything that you are.

The nature of time is spacious and eternal. So, enjoy the holidays and take a rest.

I’ll see you in the New Year!

By Neil Seligman


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