Behind The Scenes: Our Covid Story of Transformation

Behind The Scenes: Our Covid Story of Transformation

Behind The Scenes: Our Covid Story of Transformation 2560 1700 The Conscious Professional

This year has really been a bit of a blur since our holiday in March when Jack and I were stuck in Mexico wondering if BA would be sending a plane to bring us home!

(Have you noticed how time seems to be moving differently – apparently it’s because we are experiencing less highlight moments and community events which usually act as memory markers. Without these – the days weeks and now months merge together.)

With the launch of the new and improved The Conscious Professional imminent – I thought I would share our Covid journey and let you know some of what is in store!

A Fresh Approach

First of all – the first few months were quite hairy – for a corporate training company offering mainly in-person solutions – we witnessed a slew of understandable cancellations and postponements. Then as workplaces began to acclimatise to the working from home reality – we started to see new bookings and new clients seeking support for their staff – the ray of light!

As this was happening I was researching different online models so that we could do more than just present and coach online – but do something that we haven’t done before – build a community of conscious professionals and start to offer inspiring learning experiences direct to our community.

It turns out – this requires a lot of head-scratching – software researching – trial and error and a bit of magic! A team started to assemble around me (who I could not be more grateful for) and as we refreshed the look and feel of the brands, websites, logos, and imagery, the technical solutions began to come online.

A New Horizon

We are now almost ready to open the doors to our FB Group – The Conscious Professional Mindful Community which will become the hub of our online activity with free live meditations each week!

To address the FB point – I have to say that before lockdown I had lost my love for FB but then I joined some really transformational groups and programs which have catalysed so much growth and creativity in my business and life. It has once again got me back into FB (despite all its flaws – I know!).

I hope you will consider joining us for the next stage of the journey. We are still very much ready for your corporate training enquiries but also excited to start building a network of conscious professionals and conscious leaders. We aim to support and inspire you as you drive forward the changes that are so needed in our world.

The group will open soon for pre-registration – do sign up for our newsletter or follow our socials to be the first to join!

Neil Seligman

P.S – The retreat is on!

Soul Ignition Retreat at Champneys Forest Mere – September 18th-20th

If you’d like to kick-start your conscious future you are invited to my what will likely be my first and only in-person retreat of the year.

Booking Link & Instructions

Booking Instructions

  1. Click here to be taken to the Champneys website
  2. Scroll down and click on September – the retreat will appear
  3. Click: Book Now


P.S. Whenever you are ready… here are 4 ways we can support your personal and professional Conscious Goals:

1. Access Free Live Meditations & Energy Transmissions

Inside our private Facebook Group, The Conscious Professional Mindful Community where Neil leads live weekly community events. Join now for free.

2. Learn To Meditate With Neil Seligman In Just 10 Days!

Zen in Ten, our flagship online course, is a ten day mindfulness challenge for people who need to slow down.

3. Work With Neil One-To-One

See if a Conscious Coaching Partnership is right for you. Book a 15-minute discovery call with Neil here.

4. Bring The Conscious Professional To Your Business

See if The Conscious Professional training and coaching programmes are right for your team or workplace. Book a call here.

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