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5 Challenges Of Bringing Mindfulness Into The Office And How To Overcome Them!

5 Challenges Of Bringing Mindfulness Into The Office And How To Overcome Them!20481536The Conscious Professional

‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.’ Arthur Schopenhauer Given the popularity of my article, Everything You Need to Know About Mindfulness But Were Too…

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The Conscious Animation

The Conscious Animation25501348The Conscious Professional

This week we got all creative and put together our first video animation. The benefits of mindfulness at work. Enjoy. [video_left][video_frame] [iframe url=”” width=”572″ height=”312″] [/video_frame][/video_left] Corporate Mindfulness at Work Programs: Click here.

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5 Ways to Creatively Welcome The Conscious New You

5 Ways to Creatively Welcome The Conscious New You17961198The Conscious Professional

In this article, Creative Consultant to The Conscious Professional, David Benjamin Tomlinson lays out 5 inspiring ways in which you can keep your January resolutions conscious all year round! January is a very popular time to start something new –…

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5 Soulful Insights for Conscious Parents!

5 Soulful Insights for Conscious Parents!41401650The Conscious Professional

Whatever our background or beliefs, many of us are beginning to develop an interest in living a more ‘conscious’ life ~ that is, a life based in present moment awareness, appreciation and authenticity. In this article, Neil Seligman examines what…

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Meditation Classes London

Meditation Classes London1377822The Conscious Professional

One of the many gifts of meditation is that we start to become aware of being aware. Through different exercises of contemplation we find that we are able to sit back a little bit in our being and notice a…

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The Conscious Approach to Self-Enquiry

The Conscious Approach to Self-Enquiry1349753The Conscious Professional

A Conscious Age of Business? We are living in an age where professionals are becoming more conscious and more spiritually aware. As more and more of us hear the call to explore spirituality as an essential aspect of our humanity,…

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MINDFUL MONDAYS1050458The Conscious Professional

MINDFUL MONDAYS: FAQ With our first London meditation class now underway I thought it would be a good time to put down in writing some answers to the most frequently asked questions. Here we go: WHO IS THIS MEDITATION CLASS…

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The Inner Voice

The Inner Voice1421645The Conscious Professional

The Inner Voice. In the previous two posts we have discussed the nature of presence and how to welcome more presence into your life. Here we discuss one of the many gifts of presence: intuitive knowing or ‘the inner voice’.…

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Presence and Nature

Presence and Nature1443691The Conscious Professional

Presence and Nature Most professionals and more than 50% of the global population now live in large densely-populated cities. To a greater or lesser extent, we all know that heightened presence is directly supported by nature. Being in the mountains,…

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The Nature of Presence

The Nature of Presence910391The Conscious Professional

‘Be where you are.’ Buddha Take yourself back to the last time you arrived in an unknown and exotic foreign country. The sounds, the smells, the tastes, the colours all compete for your attention as you attempt to take everything…

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