The Conscious Professional

The Nature of Presence

The Nature of Presence 910 391 The Conscious Professional

‘Be where you are.’ Buddha Take yourself back to the last time you arrived in an unknown and exotic foreign country. The sounds, the smells, the tastes, the colours all compete for your attention as you attempt to take everything…

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The Conscious Approach to Spiritual Enquiry

The Conscious Approach to Spiritual Enquiry 818 402 The Conscious Professional

A Conscious Age of Business? We are living in an age where professionals are becoming more conscious and more spiritually aware. As more and more of us hear the call to explore spirituality as an essential aspect of our humanity,…

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The Nature Of Authenticity

The Nature Of Authenticity 814 368 The Conscious Professional

When our internal fractures have healed and we have realised our values and true nature, we come into a powerful expression of authenticity. In the authentic state everything is possible. The Universe opens up as a limitless playground of potential…

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The Nature of Alignment

The Nature of Alignment 1099 553 The Conscious Professional

There is a huge difference between success and alignment. As a young well-regarded Barrister in London in my 20’s I was considered by most to be successful, to have made it. Whilst I enjoyed the kudos that went with my…

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The Nature of Integrity

The Nature of Integrity 909 465 The Conscious Professional

Continuing on from ‘What is a Conscious Professional?‘ The Nature of Integrity One of the definitions of integrity is being whole and undivided. Although this sounds like it should be the natural state for all people, it is surprising to…

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What is a Conscious Professional?

What is a Conscious Professional? 880 453 The Conscious Professional

If professionalism has long been founded on ideas such as honesty, fairness and excellence and seen as a measure of competence, skill and reputation, what does being ‘conscious’ add to professionalism? The answer is deeper levels of integrity, authenticity and…

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A Conscious New Year!

A Conscious New Year! 1221 607 The Conscious Professional

Over the last 6 months I have been preparing to launch The Conscious Professional Ltd. So today’s the day! Here we go! The business will provide innovative and unique training and coaching solutions for professionals. Over the coming year I…

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Beginnings… 1000 200 The Conscious Professional

The Conscious Professional is the brainchild of Director, Neil Seligman. Here he explains how the business came to be: “I graduated from Bristol University in 2000 with a law degree and a qualification as a Reiki Master. University had been…

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