Development Tips for Staying Workplace Relevant

Development Tips for Staying Workplace Relevant

Development Tips for Staying Workplace Relevant 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight. If you want to reach your goals and fulfil your potential, become intentional about your personal growth. It will change your life.” – Jim Rohn on Personal Development

The workplace, like most walks of life, is zooming into the future faster than ever. With AI picking up the pace, app development surging, and many industries moving and evolving alongside the world’s rapidly changing circumstances, ensuring you don’t become ‘workplace stagnant’ is important.

Some personal development will come naturally with the tide of workplace culture and functionality, but in order to excel and stay resilient to change, it’s a good idea to keep one eye on your conscious personal development. As a new, talented and tech-savvy generation starts moving into the workplace, here are a few thoughts on how to ensure that the future does not leave you feeling like you are from the past!

1. Skill Building in Developing Areas

Always try to be aware of what parts of your industry are growing. If we look at marketing, for example, a few decades ago, print marketing was still very much the dominant medium. However, coming up in the peripherals of the marketing industry was digital marketing. Those who leapt into action and began accumulating those digital skills early were in a much better position to pivot when digital marketing inevitably became the prominent wing of the industry.

Keep an eye on where growth is coming, where the wind is blowing, and skill up in that direction.

2. Social Media Presence

Yes, most of us have social media. But to have it is one thing, to use it as an establishing and branding tool is another. If you are looking to grow either yourself or your business as a brand, then engagement and consistency are key. Commenting, sharing, retweeting (a term which I’m sure will soon be obsolete… as if to prove my point), collaborating, high-quality imaging and high-performance copy content are all things you should get to grips with, in order to mould your online presence and direct traffic in your direction.

3. Wear Many Hats in Your Industry

I can use my own career as an example here. I trained as an actor, and left drama school as just that… an actor. The industry is hard to make a living in, and so I had a choice. Either I diversified into other roles within the industry in order to remain working in it, or I left it and did something else. I chose the former. During the last fifteen years I have worked as an actor, but also as a musical director, composer, workshop leader, director and, as this blog might attest to, a writer. Yes, this has kept me in work, but has also allowed me to see the performance arts industry from many angles. Not only has diversifying kept me employed, but it has kept me informed in a much richer way than if I had stayed in just one lane.

4. Network

Making friends throughout your chosen industry is wise for many reasons. The first is, as alluded to in point three, having links to many people with varied views and skills gifts you with different perspectives and information about how your industry works and where it is likely to go. Secondly, showing willingness to learn and grow is just as valuable as already having the futureproofed skills that will keep you around. Thirdly, networking makes it easier for you to be part of the conversation and decision-making that dictates what the future holds for your industry. Having a seat at the table is more valuable than… well… not having a seat at the table!

By Chris Thomson


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