5 Lifestyle Habits to Boost your Wellbeing

5 Lifestyle Habits to Boost your Wellbeing

5 Lifestyle Habits to Boost your Wellbeing 2560 1707 The Conscious Professional

“If you believe you can change – if you make it a habit – the change becomes real.”Charles Duhigg

Some habits are good some are bad. Yet still, the word ‘habit’ seems to most commonly be perceived as a negative thing. However, good habits can save you. Good habits, nurtured and introduced with care and consideration into your daily routines, are often the very things that keep you afloat and help your overall wellbeing to blossom.

Now, more than ever, is the time to bring new habits into your life. We are in a time when reaching out to find help is a little more difficult than it used to be, and so it is wise to do our absolute best to help ourselves as much as we can.

These simple habits help to contribute to building a foundation of resilience and ongoing wellbeing for yourself. A foundation from which you can grow a lifestyle of consciousness, mindfulness, and productivity.

1. Consistent Sleeping Hours

The whole ‘everybody must get eight hours a night’ thing is now quite an antiquated way of thinking. We are all different, and all benefit from varying amounts of sleep. For example, I know that I function best on seven hours of sleep, as a minimum. However, my mother-in-law only requires five hours, and is one of the most vibrant and functional adults I have ever seen!

One of the best ways to keep your wellbeing buoyant is to have routine. The body responds well when it knows what is coming and is less enthused when its rhythm is interrupted or shaken about. Instead of worrying about how much sleep you are getting, try instead to keep your sleeping hours consistent every day. This is a huge help in terms of regulating your body and ensures that you are not left fatigues or unable to sleep because you have not burnt off enough energy.

2. A Structured Weekday Morning

Getting your morning off to a good start often sets you up to have a more positive and energised day. If you wake up late, rush breakfast, or have to bolt out of the door without being fully ready to leave for work, then it can take a while to settle. Create a calm and energising routine for your morning, taking time to properly wake up and fuel yourself, both nutritionally and mentally, for the day ahead.

3. Scheduled ‘Screen Free’ Time

As no doubt you know, our screens are a big pull on our attention. But screen time is often not enriching, indeed, we can often become frustrated with the amount of time we waste scrolling and swiping. Screens also make it harder for our brains to rest. So, schedule some screen free time. Put your phone in the other room, turn the TV of and go for a walk. Give your brain some space and time to refresh and refocus.

4. A Conscious Diet

It’s not necessarily about ‘eating better’, but about eating consciously. By which I mean, eat with intention, chose your food mindfully, try not to be passive about what you put in your body. Also, listen to yourself, and nourish yourself according to what your body needs. Feeling motivated and like you could eat lean and high vitamin food today? Great. Do that. Feeling down today, and like you could do with some comfort food? Great. Do that. Don’t deprive your body of the food that is desires, but also try not to go overboard!

5. Exercise

Good old exercise. That old chestnut. Yes indeed, regular exercise is fantastic for your mental health, for your physical health, and for your wellbeing in general. And by exercise, I don’t mean high intensity, hour long sessions (unless that is what you’re into). Like with all of these habits, it’s the routine that makes it valuable. If you go for a brisk walk three ties a week, that is no less beneficial to your wellbeing than six 10k runs a week!

By Chris Thomson

Wellbeing and happiness go hand in hand. One affects the other. That being said, it is not always easy to tell if we are happy. Especially if we do not find the time to reflect on it. How do you feel about your general happiness? Are You Happy?

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