Dealing with Negative Energy from Others

Dealing with Negative Energy from Others

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“In truth, there is no such thing as “negative” energy, just energy that is heavier and denser than other energy, and therefore more uncomfortable to experience.” Aletheia Luna, ‘Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing’

How often have you been having a perfectly good, positive, productive day, only for it to be thwarted by somebody else bringing a black cloud into the room? It happens to us all. Indeed, I have been guilty of being the bringer of doom and gloom from time to time. Whether or not the bringer of the negative energy is intending to sully the atmosphere or not, it can have a huge impact on those that it sits over.

This article is not about admonishing those with negative energy, we all feel down from time to time, and can’t always control the outward energy we produce. This is about how to be resilient against the effect of such a thing, how to stay positive and productive, and perhaps even to help to bring up the mood of that person who is not feeling at their best.

1. Practicing Positivity

When things go wrong it is so easy to feel negatively about them. Of course it is, this is only natural! However, the power of positivity, although it might feel unnatural, has significant impact. Putting a positive spin on things can take practice, so, make a conscious effort to attack every situation in your life with a brighter outlook.

2. Focus on ‘The Solution’

Along with every problem comes a solution. Both elements play equal parts in a situation, but many people tend to focus on the tragedy of the problem itself rather than to celebrate and appreciate the solution. The solution also represents energy and forward thinking; a sense of progression, whereas focusing on the problem is comparatively negative and somewhat stagnant. Be a solution person!

3. Don’t Jump on The Negativity Bandwagon

When complaint or negativity thwarts a room or workplace, it is easy to jump on the bandwagon and either revel in, or add to, the drama. This can seem the easiest, and sometimes most useful, thing to do at the time. In fact it adds to a culture of accepted negativity. Be a light. Don’t cave to the pull od ‘drama’! Stay positive and focused for the good of the workplace resilience of you and your colleagues.

4. Override with Positive Energy

As soon as you see downhearted attitudes creep into your present, sometimes it serves well to up your positive energy. If someone is bringing the mood down with complaint or pity, why not try to override it with gratitude and a focus on the good that is happening. Also, positivity doesn’t necessarily have to be exuberant, demonstrative or flamboyant, it can be simply an energetic statement of positive facts or opinions.

5. Appreciate Others

This is a great way to use positivity to infect others with positivity. For some reason we are not natural compliment givers in the UK, but a simple compliment can change the mood of its receiver in a heartbeat. Make sure to appreciate the virtues and contributions of others in order to spurn them on to be happier, more confident and more productive people. Resilience, although we should not depend on others for our happiness, is always well served by support and recognition.

6. Accept That You Can’t Solve Everything

If a friend or colleague is down in the dumps and you can’t fix it, don’t let that apparent failure then infect your happiness. In fact, a need to fix things can often enflame the negative mood of the person you are trying to help. Sometimes all somebody needs is space. You can’t fix everything, and that is OK. Accept and be patient.

7. Keep Fit

Exercise and fitness are sure fire ways to ensure that you feel happier in an overall sense. Not only do endorphins help your general mood in a chemical sense, but, like it or not, people feel better if they think they look better. Keeping fit can be tricky, but it pays more dividends to your happiness and wellbeing beyond strength, speed and physical skill.

8. Seek Healing Surroundings

Get out of there! If the room is feeling heated, overly negative or uncomfortable, get out into the world and enjoy the outdoors for a short while. It is generally good to spend time in nature anyway, as it has been proven to increase wellbeing and resilience.

By Chris Thomson

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