Kinds of Retreat and Their Benefits

Kinds of Retreat and Their Benefits

Kinds of Retreat and Their Benefits 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“Eagles remind us of the power of solitude and reflection, as they retreat to high places to rest and renew their strength” – Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

Retreats might seem like quite the modern phenomenon, but humans have always craved spaces that are more than simply a break in the pattern of the daily grind. Retreats are not simply holidays. They offer opportunities for restoration, resilience, wellbeing, and personal growth that a holiday does not.

Retreats vary in style, content, and effort level. But what’s for sure is that they are all beneficial to your overall wellbeing. Perhaps it’s time you looked into one! Which of these retreats best suits your needs?

1. Fitness

Fitness retreats, perhaps surprisingly, are fantastic for a wide range of people. If you are someone who is already fit and, indeed, into fitness, these offer a chance to actually enjoy your pastime somewhere beautiful instead of having to cram it into your usual schedule for a while. If you are someone who needs some motivation to begin or restart your fitness journey, retreats like this help to inspire!

Fitness is all about consistency. So, a retreat isn’t going to make a huge change. But, it will serve as either a motivator or a reminder as to how glorious having a fitness routine in your life can be.

2. Yoga

Yoga retreats are as much about working on your body as working on your mind. If you are feeling stressed, stuck, or rudderless, then a yoga retreat will work to realign your body and your brain. A perfect combination for overall wellbeing.

Yoga retreats are also available at all levels, so this mind and body reset is open to all.

3. Nature

Nature camps are a great way to leave the urban world behind and reconnect with the Earth. A reminder of a simpler time without the manmade pressure we all experience today. They allow you to retreat into the beauty and simplicity of the natural world. You might swim in wild waters, hike through remote hills or ride across abandoned landscapes.

4. Digital Detox

Nature camps are also an example of one of the most crucial retreat options out there in this day and age, the digital detox retreat. Many nature retreats encourage disconnecting from all your digital vices and devices.

No wi-fi. No TV. No phone. I try to do a day without my phone every week, and I still find it very hard. That said, I also find it immensely freeing and gratifying. I’ve no doubt that a digital detox retreat does wonders for one’s clarity.

5. Spa

Spa retreats are fantastic because they are easily accessible to all, and require little effort for excellent rewards. All you need do is turn up, and all pampering and relaxation efforts will be taken care of for you. Classes, nutritious meals, treatments, and therapies. Spas have it all. Is it an indulgence? Perhaps. But it is one that benefits you beyond the confines of the retreat itself. Spa days are all about releasing tension… and we could all do with a bit less of that.

6. Adventure

Adventure retreats are really good at lifting you out of your usual environment and schedule for a while and taking you on an exhilarating and endorphin-pumping ride. Canoeing, rock climbing, surfing, quad-biking, hiking… whatever it is will help to give you a lift. It’s also a way of getting exercise in a way that feels genuinely fun. I love exercise… but it can be quite boring. Adventure activities feel like ‘free’ exercise to me!

By Chris Thomson


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