Mindful Living: Home Decoration

Mindful Living: Home Decoration

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“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love,” – Nate Berkus on Home Decoration

Home is where the heart is… so they say! I know that my home is my ultimate happy place. This is the case for a number of reasons; it is full of things I love, creatures I love, people I love and it is where my bed is! The home should be a safe space; a happy sanctuary where you are at your calmest and most comfortable. There are many ways to ensure this, but one of the most important, and perhaps underrated, ways to do this is by careful choices in home decoration.

If you are looking to enhance the flow and feeling of your home, then there are many simple ways to achieve this through home decoration. Many of these are inexpensive solutions, and those that do require a little outlay are simple in conception. Here are a few ways to bring a mindful atmosphere into your home through how you chose to fill your space with colours and possessions!

1. Pick A Favourite Aroma

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and said to yourself, ‘ah yes, this smells like their house’? Humans use all five senses in many unexpected and sub-conscious ways. It is said that smell is deeply attached to emotion and memory (as Psychology Today will attest to). This being the case, why not find yourself a scent! Get yourself to a candle shop, or somewhere that sells diffusers and find an aroma that you really like, that fills you with joy, serenity and happiness. Once you have chosen, purchase yourself a few diffusers or candles for use around your home. This way, you now have a layer of comfort to come home to; a breath of familiar scented air as you walk through your door.

2. Love and Function

If my home is anything to go by, then clutter, extra stuff, is exceptionally easy to accumulate. Every year I have a clothing clear out and marvel at how much stuff I have managed to collect and not use! Your home should be filled with things you either love or use (or both). Have a clear out, if there is anything on show in your home that is either of no practical use to you, or does not bring you any particular joy, then I advise you either hide it or bin it!

3. Natural Light

If there is an opportunity to let in natural light, then do it. You might even be able to further the reach of your natural light through the use of reflective surfaces and light colour choices on your walls and ceilings. Consider you natural light when thinking about mindful decoration.

4. Calming Colour Scheme

This is especially important in smaller abodes such as flats and bungalows I feel; light and airy colour schemes. I find that lighter schemes in favour of relentlessly bold, dark or clashing colours is much less stressful for the mind. The colour of your walls, floors and ceilings can make an enormous difference to the feel of a space. I would also advise some continuity throughout your home. For example, my home features white walls throughout all rooms. Each of my rooms is accented by a patterned or boldly coloured feature wall. This helps my home to flow.

5. Plants

House plants are not only wonderful to look at, it also brings the outdoors in, giving a more spacious and connected feel to a space. Add to this the fact that plants go a long way to purifying the air in your home, then what else can you do but go down to the garden centre and grab an enormous green house plant immediately!

6. Storage and Clutter

If your storage space can be increased in any way, you will thank yourself for it. I know that I find my home much less stressful if I know that I can clear the space easily and quickly, as everything has a place (a hidden place to make the house seem more ordered!).

7. Meditation Space

This doesn’t have to be a big space; it may just be a corner of a room, a generous windowsill or a bit of floor space. Having a space to contemplate and be comfortable and quite in your home is the ultimate way to ensure that you have a specific place for comfort, solace, mindfulness and mediation.

By Chris Thomson

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