Moving On: When to Say ‘Enough’

Moving On: When to Say ‘Enough’

Moving On: When to Say ‘Enough’ 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“I have enough. I’ve done enough. I am enough.” – Jim Carrey on quitting acting.


I have come across this question many times in my career so far. The question being, ‘am I done with this chapter?’ I’m a freelancer in both the acting and writing fields and so, moving through various jobs is part of the whole thing. However, I have often worked on multiple occasions for the same organisation, only to find that I have said yes to one project too many. I am still learning how to predict when enough will be enough, but I often approach the end of my tether after it’s a bit too late.

It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a job that you no longer like. It is also easy, with the rest of your life chugging alongside it, not to notice that you need to move on. And here’s another easy thing, to bury your head in the sand! Often, we know we need a change. We know that going in a fresh direction is exactly what we need if we are to remain resilient and keep growing. But change is scary. Change is not easy. Have you ever found yourself wondering if the risk of being unhappy in whatever comes next is a risk worth taking?

Knowing when you need to change direction is important. Here are some thoughts on how to ascertain whether enough is enough, and why it is important for your wellbeing to take that leap of faith.

1. The Work/Life Balance Isn’t Working for You Anymore

Businesses should prioritise the work/life balance of their employees. The fact is some do, and some don’t. You may be in a job where you spend more time at work than you should. And that might have been something you were perfectly OK with once upon a time. However, if you now feel like the balance doesn’t work for you anymore. If you now feel like work is taking up too much space to make you happy… now might be the time to re-evaluate.


2. The Challenge Is Gone

Perhaps you have gotten all that you can get from this job. As an actor, I am always looking to learn. If I feel that there is nothing left to learn or challenge me, then I will likely not return to that particular job or employer. If you can feel stagnation creeping in, or that you have stopped caring because you are bored… get out of there!


3. There’s Nowhere Else to Go

Similarly, if you have reached the top of your game in the role you are currently in, and there is no place in the business for you to progress to, then find somewhere that does.


4. You No Longer Fit Within The Company’s Ethos

Companies, like people, evolve over time. Even if you felt that your ethos and the company’s ethos were aligned when you joined, that is not to say that they will be aligned forever. The business might have changed its priorities away from your beliefs and employee wellbeing. You may have had an experience that has fundamentally changed your outlook. Both of those things might have happened. Like any relationship, two parties can grow apart. The chasm may be fillable, or perhaps it’s time to call the whole thing off.


5. The Very Idea Of Going to Work is Getting to You

If your wellbeing is being impacted by the mere idea of going to work. If you can’t sleep because of the idea of getting the terrain in the next morning. If anxiety fills your chest when you think of your desk… then the risk of moving may well be worth it. Of course, you should consider whether what’s causing these feelings is fixable. But if it isn’t, don’t hesitate, look ahead.


6. The Idea of Moving On Is Less Scary

Perhaps, when you think about moving on to the next chapter of your journey, the idea isn’t actually that scary. Changing your job, or even your career, is a huge deal, and it should be scary. You should have questions and it is normal to have doubts. However, if this scary thing is starting to feel like it might be a blessed relief. Nay, maybe it even excites you, then you should absolutely explore it. Life is too short, and if the choice is excitement over mundanity and resignation to a situation you are not really OK with anymore… well, I know which one I would pick.

By Chris Thomson


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