My Go-To Accessories for Productivity

My Go-To Accessories for Productivity

My Go-To Accessories for Productivity 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“We all have a personal recipe for productivity. 1 person may need 6 cups of autonomy and just a pinch of collaboration. Another person may require heaps of sociability and noise, with just a teaspoon of occasional privacy.” — Neil Blumenthal


There are places that help me to be productive and there are places that don’t. For example, my productivity is at its best when I work out in the world… in a café or library or something. This is because I work from home, and often find getting to task so close to my relaxation space (my desk is in the living room, not far from the sofa and TV) is far too distracting. I’m more likely to scroll here as well. Being somewhere with less distraction and that, in effect, I am paying to be in some way, helps me to use my time productively.

Knowing what works for you personally is worth being conscious of. My perfect productivity environment will not be perfect for everyone, that said, my go-to tips and techniques are pretty universal. They are worth a try if you are in a rut, even if they don’t work 100% of the time.

1. Phone Jail

My phone has driven me mad this past year. With so little to do, I felt extremely conscious of how drawn I was to it. so much time was wasted on doing so little because of that phone!

Now don’t get me wrong, phones are brilliant. But they are also a real drain. When working I have taken to locking my phone in a drawer. Out of sight out of mind. When I do this, not only am I more productive, but I feel so much freer and clear-headed. Find a place for your phone to quarantine. You won’t regret it!

2. A Lovely Set of Headphones

When working from home distraction is rife! One of the best things to do it invest in a pair of good quality headphones, that dumb down or even eliminate any external distracting noise. For me, even if nothing is playing through them, it helps me to narrow my world down to include just the task in hand.

3. Audio Ambience

I find that I like to have some kind of noise when I am working. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it makes the world seem less still, or perhaps it feels less lonely? But what I do know, is that it helps me to block out other distractions. Music, I find, is too interesting… I find myself flicking through tracks or singing along. White noise, meditation music or classical ambience make for excellent workmates. This type of ambience relaxes and focuses you at the same time. For example, I am currently listening to a playlist of rainfall, and am absolutely sailing through this article!

4. A Diary: The Old-Fashioned Kind

I went back to keeping a paper diary last year. Of course, it being 2020, the diary did not end up as full as I had hoped. That being said, it ended up being an extremely valuable tool.

As brilliant as digital calendars are, there is something a little disconnected (ironically) about them. He connection between what you are writing and your cognitive focus on the content seems to be stronger when written by hand. There is also something precious about a diary, something personal. It is something I long to utilise, as opposed to the calendar on my phone which feels very clinical; something which I have no particular love for.

My diary contains creative thoughts, emotions, financial plans, to do lists, appointments, and pictures; it truly is an external hard drive for my brain, somewhere to keep thoughts when you don’t seem to have space left. I recommend you try it!

5. A Chair

Discomfort makes it extremely hard to work well. The 21st century contains many more people with back problems than the century before, largely because of bad posture from sitting at desks. A decent ergonomic chair might be worth the investment just to be able to work in comfort and concentrate without being distracted by a clicking neck or an aching back. A wise investment to encourage daily resilience.

By Chris Thomson


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