Neil Seligman on The Lifestyle First Podcast

Neil Seligman on The Lifestyle First Podcast

Neil Seligman on The Lifestyle First Podcast 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

I am very excited to announce that my podcast appearance with (The Lifestyle First) Podcast is now live!

Here’s the episode description:

My guest on this week’s episode of The Lifestyle First Podcast is Neil Seligman, author, keynote speaker and founder of The Conscious Professional.

In this episode we:

  • Explore the identity of being a leader
  • Discuss self-leadership
  • Highlight leadership styles from power and control to conscious leadership
  • Talk about expanding awareness to understand what’s happening in a business, family and our own lives through a creative process
  • Explore mindfulness as a map to our inner human experience – the arrow pointing inwards


1. The one question we discuss is “How can I uncover the leader that I am?”
2. The two references we look at are

(i) Book: Neil Seligman. Conscious Leadership: reveal your potential, inspire excellence. White Lion Publishing. 2019

(ii) Book: Neil Seligman. 100 Mindfulness Meditations. 2016

3. The three actions to take are
  • Do the FHB Practice – Feet on Floor, Hand on Heart, Body on Breath
  • Do a gratitude practice – write down 3 things that made you feel grateful
  • Take care of your limiting I Am statements – move negative statements into the past test or release it into a potential.

Which of these 3 actionable tips will you implement?

Leave your comments below.


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