Never Too Late – Shunryu Suzuki on Time

Never Too Late – Shunryu Suzuki on Time

Never Too Late – Shunryu Suzuki on Time 720 480 The Conscious Professional

There is always time; time to change, time to hit your goals, time to reach your dreams.

We often put pressure on ourselves to hurry up and reach those personal targets, or tell ourselves we are too old to change, or worry that we have run out of time to do that thing we have always wanted to do.

Not so, time is our friend. Time is not to be chased it is to be lived in.

“Do not say, too late,

too late for hope,

too late for adventure

too late for comfort,

nor too late for joy;

Do not say, too late.”

To live in the moment and know that if we let go of the pressures we put on ourselves we will ultimately be more productive is the key to a less stressful, less cluttered and more positive outlook.

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