Positive Energy vs. Negative Energy

Positive Energy vs. Negative Energy

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“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the centre of every constellation, and people want to be near you.” – Shannon L. Alder on ‘Positive Energy’

Of course, in this battle, we already know that positive energy is the sure winner. But this article is more about taking a moment to consider how profound the effects of positive and negative energies can be in any given situation.

The energy a person brings into a room makes a huge difference to how the day is going to go. ‘Energy’ is something that many businesses probably still don’t consider, but this is a big thing to be mindful of when attempting to run a business and a workplace in a conscious manner.

Consider those cliché offices, full of grey-suited people, in grey cubicles. This is a space full of low and negative energy. A room full of people who do not feel inspired, nor do they have (one assumes) much love for the time they spend in the workplace. Perhaps you work somewhere like this, perhaps you don’t. But what’s for sure, is that workplaces like this could benefit from some positivity, to make spending time at work a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

So, what do different energies do to a room?


Positive energy from you…

1. Gets you through the day…

First of all, positive energy from you, even if it is artificial, to begin with, perpetuates more positivity in yourself. If you go into a day manifesting a good day, then the likelihood is that you will be able to put a more positive spin on anything that comes your way.

2. It influences others…

Energy, excitement, focus and encouragement from you should help others to feel more energised. If you come into a situation looking forward with your glass half full, this will help others to contribute to the positive energy in the room.


3. It galvanises a group…

Working as a team works best when you can all get on the same page. To do this, positive energy is required. To do this you need a room full of people who are up for saying ‘yes’ as opposed to blocking ideas, not being open and honest, or refusing to offer constructive thoughts. Positivity opens paths, which helps to find solutions and directions that everybody can get on board with.


Positive Energy from others…

1. Carries you out of a rough spot…

As touched on, positivity is infectious. We can’t always rely on ourselves to feel up for it all the time, and sometimes we need others to coax us along. Therefore, if your workplace has fostered an atmosphere of support and positivity, the likelihood is that you will find someone to bring your mood up somewhere.


2. Productivity…

Happier people, I think it is generally accepted, work faster and to a higher quality. An office full of positive energised people is much more likely to get more done, and what does get done will be born of much more endeavour and creativity.


Negative energy from you…


1. Builds resentment…

One sour grape in the room is enough to sour the whole group. If you are anything like me, you might bring a bit of a dark cloud in with you when you are in an off mood. This creates tension in the room and resentment towards the negative person. This, when too common an occurrence, can lead to people having a bad opinion of you, which is hard to undo.


2. People feel uncomfortable…

If you are judging ideas or shooting down contributions in an unkind way, other people will stop offering ideas. This means that the best ideas and solutions may not ever get a chance to see the light of day… and therefore the quality of the work of the whole team is damaged.


3. You feel rotten…

Just as positive energy perpetuates itself, so does negative energy. Being unpleasant and negative will only make you feel worse and worse.


Negative energy from others…

1. A workplace with bad energy…

People pick up on bad vibes very easily. They may not take a conscious note of it, but their body will know that something is off. Any outsiders entering your workplace will feel it if many of the employees are giving off negative energy. If outsiders come away from your business with nothing to note but the cold welcome, then that’s bad news for the business. Word gets out!


2. Brings you down…

Positivity is fragile. You might be having an excellent day, but it sometimes only takes one or two bad moments to topple it. Of course, you must try your best to ignore these and soldier on with your positive energy regardless, but bad vibes coming at you are stumbling blocks nonetheless.


By Chris Thomson

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