Reasons to Add to Your Workplace Skills

Reasons to Add to Your Workplace Skills

Reasons to Add to Your Workplace Skills 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“Build your skills, not your resume.” – Sheryl Sandberg

Expanding your skills has always been a part of career progression. However, one might argue, that for the sake of one’s resilience and wellbeing in today’s world of work, this is more important than ever. Indeed, it is a good idea to not only skill up in your current area, but to consider how you might diversify what skills you have, outside of the traditional sphere of your industry.

It is also worth saying that yes, skill building may be necessary for your professional life, but it also has a number of personal benefits. In the coming paragraphs, I’ll be highlighting how it can benefit both parts of you life…

1. Creativity Unleashed

It is easy to arrive at adulthood and convince yourself that your brain works in a certain way and that there are no other angles from which you can look at things or solve problems. In fact, what many people find, is that when they learn something new, even if it is something they are learning for pleasure or to invest in their personal wellbeing, is that teaches their brain to come at problems from different directions, enabling them to think both more broadly and more creatively. This happens most dramatically when the person in question takes on a new skill that is completely out of their normal spheres of interest.

2. Personal Pride and Worth

It is easy to get stuck in a rut. Often, people convince themselves that they are fine where they are. They do so for so long that when the question of taking a risk, learning something new, or leaping a hurdle to move up in the workplace comes along, their low self-esteem tells them that it’s too scary, or that they do not have the capacity to do it. This is where one really needs to take a deep breath, ignore the voices, and leap into something new. The sense of worth and achievement we get from gaining new skills is enormous. When we are children, we feel this all the time, and it feels amazing. But it doesn’t happen so often as adults, and we forget this feeling. The feeling of achievement. The feeling of worth. Regular learning opportunities will ensure that you feel this sense of achievement much more often.

3. Money

Of course, when it comes to the workplace, financial gain is always a good incentive to learn and diversify your skills. However, even if getting promoted or financially rewarded is not your goal when perusing new avenues, you would be surprised how often these innocently obtained skills make you a more desirable employee.

4. Opportunity

As alluded to in the previous paragraph, new skills often open unexpected doors. I am a freelancer, and have often been taken on for a job that required a specific skillset. During the said job, it would be discovered that I can also provide other services, which has led to me being employed by the same people again, but in a different role, making use of those different skills. Learning always pays off.

5. New Relationships

We don’t meet as many new people when we grow up. If you work in a single workplace, you will probably not be used to encountering fresh faces and new opinions on a regular basis. Learning environments put us among new people on a regular basis, making our exposure to different backgrounds and ideas broader. This is an important and underrated consequence of perusing new skills; the broadening of horizons, and the unexpected new connections that we make. Meeting, and connecting with, new people are skills. Skills that are very valuable throughout many workplaces and industries.

By Chris Thomson


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