Rebooting Post Catastrophe

Rebooting Post Catastrophe

Rebooting Post Catastrophe 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

“Rebooting our enthusiasm is like deciding to become our own best coach, rather than our own worst enemy.” – Cathy Burnham Martin

A few months ago, everything seemed like it was getting back to some kind of normal. However, as we know, the pandemic threw us yet another curveball and the ground feels rocky once again. because of this, the new year feels, for some of us, like a more daunting prospect than we might have first hoped. Working from home is back, some restrictions have returned, many prospects have weakened or even disappeared.

Rebooting is something many of us try to do when the new year comes around, but this is harder amid the ashes of catastrophe, or even just, to be less dramatic, amid a sea of uncertainty. It takes a lot of energy. It takes more grit. Getting up the strength to show conscious leadership over your own life when it is a little broken can be hard, but it can be done. Here we have a few thoughts on how to clear a path through which to move forward so that your rebooting for 2022 may commence!


1. Consign What Is Lost to the Bin

What’s done is done. Don’t cling on to what has been lost. ‘Put it in the bin’ is a rule that, as an actor, I have found extremely useful. It is an idea I swear by. Say I am doing a show and I make a mistake in a scene. I could come offstage upset about it, cling to it, and let it ruin the rest of my show. Or, I could put it ‘in the bin’, wash my hands of the stumble, move on and smash the next scene. This can be applied to many losses and disappointments. They should absolutely be acknowledged, but do not cling on to them and let them ruin what is in front of you. Be mindful of how much weight you give these things, and try to move on to what is next with positivity and confidence.

2. Be Realistic with Your Hope

Hope is a precious thing, but be careful with it. Blind hope can easily get in the way of moving forward. I refer in particular to the hope that a negative change in circumstance will revert back to how it was before. Try not to pine for the past and cling on to hope for what is already done and dusted. This prevents you from looking forward.

3. Find A Route Forward

Be methodical about how to move past the catastrophe. Clear away the broken pieces, clear your mind and try to work out what your next steps are, without panic or rashness. This next step does not have to be, and really should not, be too ambitious, just plot your reboot one manageable step at a time. Think about what you still have at your disposal. Spend some time setting new short and long term goals without clinging to your old ones.

4. Be Grateful for What is Good and Positive

Rarely is it all ‘doom and gloom’. Try to be conscious of what is left, of what is still there to appreciate and celebrate. It is human nature to dwell on a handful of negatives even if they are far outweighed by the positives. Indeed, focus on the good things and see how you can use them to plot a way through your current conundrums.

5. Find Time to Clear Your Head

Building yourself up and climbing out of a hole can be overwhelming at times. It often comes with a lot of internal noise as well. A lot of questions and concerns. How am I going to manage this now? What if this happens as well? How will I hit my targets under these circumstances?

Dull that noise. These thoughts may be valid, but it is impossible to sort through them and address them without a little mental clarity and order. So, take a moment to visit an old friend, meditation. Find a quiet place, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Maybe pop on some of your favourite white noise (I am currently listening to rainfall on Spotify) or calming music. Focus on the breath and let the noise fall away. Simply do this for ten minutes, and you will find yourself returning to your day with a greater sense of focus and clarity.


By Chris Thomson

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