Refocusing Your Goals Post 2020

Refocusing Your Goals Post 2020

Refocusing Your Goals Post 2020 2560 1707 The Conscious Professional

“In between goals is a thing called life that had to be lives and enjoyed.” – Sid Caesar

I think it is fair to say that the events of last year changed things for all of us. The uncertainty and disruption caused by the pandemic have significantly altered the trajectory of most of our lives. Last year impacted our jobs, our relationships, our wellbeing, and our outlooks. So, after you have been out to put 2020 in the bins, you might then want to have a think about what next? With all that has happened, what are your goals for 2021?

If you are anything like me, you may have felt like you had some momentum this time last year. I had fingers in pies, my ducks in a row, and achievable goals set for the coming twelve months that seem impossible now. As disappointing as this is, I think it is time to try and move past disappointment, we have certainly had enough of that! 2021 offers us an opportunity to move forward.

So, get out your old goals from last year and dust them off. Perhaps they are still good to go? And reflect on the lessons of last year, how you have built your resilience and conscious behaviour, and consider what might be worth pursuing over the coming months.

1. Seeing the Value in Short Term Goals

2020 was at least good for striping us down to the basics and reminding us what is really important. There is nothing wrong with lofty and ambitious goals, but be mindful of the fact that the last twelve months has shown many of us the importance of committing to short term goals, and investing in them in a focused and conscious way.

Big goals are often missed because we fail to recognise that achievement is built on the back of many smaller achievements. Perhaps you might focus more on the building blocks this year, rather than the house you want to build. Either way, you’ll get the house eventually, but the journey will seem much less daunting.

2. Planning for Uncertainty

One of the biggest impacts on our resilience and wellbeing in the last year has been a lack of certainty. I am writing this article only a few days after our festive plans were pulled from underneath our feet, one of many instances in which our lives have been suddenly upturned in recent history.

We have gotten particularly good at planning for uncertainty. This involves contingency planning, being conscious of curve balls, and bracing ourselves, emotionally speaking, for the disappointment of another thwarted arrangement. When setting goals this year, don’t get caught out… uncertainty of the like we have seen is likely to visit again.

3. Your Newly Honed Ability to Live in the Moment

Living in the moment has, as far as I have observed, lead to many instances of unexpected achievement this year. My sister, for something to do, took up tidying my Mum’s garden. After engaging in a little green fingered therapy every day, she now has something that resembles a well-oiled vegetable farm! Last year gave us proof that living in the moment can save us from insanity, so ensure that you make time to forget about finite goals altogether.

4. Chucking Out Old Goals

There will be some goals from this time last year that you will want to cling on to. Some will still be viable, and some, sadly, will not. When you are reassessing these goals of yester-year, really consider whether they are good for you. Are they good for your wellbeing? Do you think that they are still actually achievable? Are they even that important anymore? Are they worth clinging on to?

5. How Thinly Do You Want to Stretch Yourself?

Several my friends and acquaintances realised that they had been working too before last year. Two friends in particular were always busy, and never had time to consider whether the relentless pace was really worth it. After being forced to stop, they began to understand that stopping is actually pretty nice, and they vowed never to spread themselves so thin ever again. Sound familiar at all?

Before you get back to your life, you may wish, for the sake of your wellbeing going forward, to consider whether returning to your pre-pandemic pace is good for you and your loved ones. Be conscious of all you have learned about yourself this year and be considerate of your own needs.

Goals are important, sure. But if the football pitch is full of nothing but goalposts, then it is hard to play the game.

By Chris Thomson

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