Self Love on Valentine’s Day: Some Ideas

Self Love on Valentine’s Day: Some Ideas

Self Love on Valentine’s Day: Some Ideas 7952 5304 The Conscious Professional

“Today’s Valentine’s Day. There’s a whole day devoted solely to love. Does that make any sense? Nah. Love makes us all crazy. But it’s fun too.” Lisa Greenwald, ‘Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes’

Love makes the world go round. Love is at the very centre of all happiness, positivity, good will and mindfulness. We, as humans, need love for everything; motivation, energy, relationships, success, productivity and resilience. So, it is no wonder that we have a whole day devoted to it; Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day for many reasons.

That being said, when you are found without plans on Valentines Day, it can feel a little lonely. It’s fantastic to have love all around us, but it can be really hard if there isn’t any coming directly towards you. But fret not, love can be found in many places, one important place of which is yourself. Self love is as important as love from others, on Valentines Day and on all days. We must learn to look after our own worth and uplifting, and no day is better for it than February the 14th. Here are a few self love thoughts for your Valentine’s Day…

1. Eat Something Delicious

When you are alone at a mealtime, whether it be at home or out and about, it is easy to go for the quick option. Takeaways and supermarket sandwiches are all very well, and not to be sniffed at. However, we are having a self love moment, so why not take a little extra effort on this occasion. Eat something fancy. Invest in whatever it is that you are eating. This investment can manifest in a loving preparation, a special ingredient that you wouldn’t normally splash out on, or some vibrant and nutritious choices.

2. Be Somewhere Beautiful

Seek beauty. Go for a walk. Visit a museum. Find a fantastic view. Treat yourself to an environment and atmosphere that is peaceful, majestic, awe inspiring and beautiful. When you have found this space just allow yourself to be silent and undistracted. Drink it in, listen to your breath and let your mind empty.

3. Treat Yourself, Be Your Own Valentine

Just because you have nobody to accompany you, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go somewhere or do something. One of my favourite things to do on my own is go to the cinema. Perhaps there is something you like to do that you wouldn’t ordinarily find time for? Perhaps a lovely spa day tickles your fancy? Or maybe a nice meal or fancy coffee? If you are feeling really up for some treat time, you could even take yourself on a little weekend away; somewhere quiet and away from the clutter of your normal life. Treat yourself to some real, quality alone time doing something you love, perhaps even ‘need’.

4. Take Some Quiet Time

It is good to reflect. Self love, in my opinion, can sometimes be shown very simply. Just allowing yourself to press pause on your life, even for a few minutes, can really help to uplift your mood and unclutter your head. This is a tremendous way to ensure your ongoing resilience, and should not just be confined to Valentines Day!

5. Challenge Your Relationship to Relationships

Perhaps you are alone this Valentine’s Day because your partner is away. But more likely, you are unpartnered. The world can be very confused when it comes to relationships. Trying to work out what you want in the context of what is expected can be a rocky journey. So, why not settle down somewhere comfortable with a hot drink and some calming music on and meditate a little. Once you are clamed, take the opportunity to contemplate how you relate to relationships. How do you feel about past relationships? What did you learn from them? What are your tendencies? In terms of future relationships, what is it that you want? Take this opportunity for a little self discovery and understanding. Most importantly though, do not judge yourself. When searching your mind and delving into your soul, tread carefully; search with love.

By Chris Thomson

If companionship is your goal, then your co-companion should love you for who you are. In order to do this, we must know the self as well as we possibly can… Your ‘Authentic Self’: Who They Are and How to Inhabit Them


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