7 Signs You Are Ready for A Job Change

7 Signs You Are Ready for A Job Change

7 Signs You Are Ready for A Job Change 2560 1707 The Conscious Professional

“We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better.” – C. JoyBell C.

We spend a huge amount of our time at work. In spite of this fact, there are some people who do not see the value in finding their work fulfilling; it is simply a means to an end. However, I would argue that everybody should seek work that enhances their wellbeing and resilience, as the behavioural and emotional effect of our jobs echo throughout the other strands of our lives.

Sometimes change is needed. I have torn myself from jobs on a few occasions, knowing that a big change was needed in order to improve my overall wellbeing and mental health. These occasions of huge change involved enormous risk and were scary at times, but ultimately, each job change improved my life significantly and saw my capability resilience renewed.

How do we know when to take this plunge? How do we know when it is truly the end of the line? You have to weigh it up, and be conscious of weather you need to rethink your approach to your current job or turn left and do something else entirely. Is it time for you change your job? Consider the following…

1. Nothing Left to Achieve

Have you been stuck doing the same thing day in, day out for some time? DO you feel like you are not being stretched or stimulated? Is there anywhere else to go in our current work environment?

A conscious business knows that its employees need to feel challenged and important in order to unleash their full potential and commitment. If you feel that there is no longer anything to be gained or learnt from your current job, then it might be time to go. There is nothing worse than stagnation at a job to impact your confidence, and nothing like boredom to quash your desire for productivity and results.

2. Clock Watching

If you find yourself literally counting down the minutes until the end of your day, or doing all you can do eek out your lunch break, then this is a pretty clear sign that you are at least beginning to disconnect rom your place of work. If you are eager to get away from work, it is time to be conscious about your career, and to look at why you are so enthusiastic about the end of the day.

3. That ‘Pit of Your Stomach’ Sensation

I have, in the past, gotten the signal that it is time to make a change from that ‘pit of your stomach’ sensation. If you are waking up with a palpable feeling of dread sitting in your stomach, a knot of anxiety and stress about the idea of going to work, then it’s time to go. Sire, sometimes work is not 100% joyful, but if you are experiencing this sensation day after day, then your wellbeing and long-term professional development is at risk. Time to go!

4. Fatigue

There is a difference between tiredness and fatigue. A fulfilling job should tire you out of course, but it should also fill you with energy and enthusiasm. However, if you feel like you are dragging yourself through the day, for no discernible reason other than you don’t want to be there, that is a different thing entirely. Fatigue effects all parts of your life, effecting your enthusiasm for everything. If your job is making you feel this way, it’s time to think about the next step.

5. You Question Your Company’s Ethos

Is your business a conscious business? Does your workplace value the same things as you do? Is your business conscious of the wellbeing of their staff, and do they invest in their wellbeing? You must always be conscious of who you are working for. Do you find your job hard because you don’t like the job itself, or is it the ethos of the individual business that you are at odds with? It is hard to feel motivated to apply your talents to an organisation that you feel opposed to. You may find the love of you career renewed by a different company’s approach.

6. Altercations

Quite simply, if you find yourself disagreeing openly with colleagues, you might need to take a step back and ask yourself why. This is especially true of you are arguing, or indeed just becoming irritable, over small things, as there might be a bigger issue behind it.

7. You Are No Longer Good At It

I was in a certain industry for many years, and I was good at my job. I had always taken pride in the fact that I was committed to and good at any job I turned my mind to. However, my quality of work began to decline around 6 months before I left as I had lost my enthusiasm for the job, for many of the reasons listed above, in fact. It didn’t dawn on me that it was time to leave until I was pulled up for falling short. I realised that I was no longer an asset to that workplace. It was time for me to go. So, consider this, are you still an asset to your place of work or is it time for a change?

By Chris Thomson

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