The Conscious Approach to Spiritual Enquiry

The Conscious Approach to Spiritual Enquiry

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A Conscious Age of Business?

We are living in an age where professionals are becoming more conscious and more spiritually aware.

As more and more of us hear the call to explore spirituality as an essential aspect of our humanity, we prepare to welcome deeper truths into our lives and into our work.

But how to begin such a journey? Where does it lead? And how does it relate to and impact upon professional life?

The Big Questions

There is a time in most lives when reflection on some of the bigger questions that the Universe has to offer either proves too intriguing or, for some reason or another, can no longer be ignored. We start to ponder…

What is this Universe?
Where did I come from?
Who am I?
What is my purpose?
What is the meaning of life?
What happens when I die?


…and for most, this leads to one of two outcomes:

The first is that the questions cause such a feeling of utter powerlessness, instability and anxiety that we decide that the only sensible response is to plant our head twice as firmly back in the proverbial sand. We decide that the compromises we have made in choosing a partial engagement with our world are necessary and we therefore continue in a state of selective delusion.

The second is that we find inspiration in our thirst for understanding and truth and we begin a path of awakening that might as well be called self-discovery as much as spiritual enquiry.

The two initial responses above give a very important clue as to what will be required on this journey, as it is both the uncertainty and the enormity, of what we sense lies behind those big questions, that leads to our anxiety and instability. Before we take our first steps towards the answers, we must evolve our capacity to remain stable in the face of uncertainty and unknowing.

Unless we harden our wiring to withstand the pulse of vulnerability, we will not yet make it far along the path.

A word for those that remain for now at the start line, and for those with their head firmly in the sand. There is never any reason to be discouraged or disheartened by being where you are, for everything in nature has a rhythm. Just as the moon witnesses but does not judge the fullness of the tide, in time the rhythm will move on, and so will you when your moment is ripe.

The time to set off on the journey is often dictated by events such as an experience of tragedy, loss, failure or sadness which has pushed us into a deeper experience of self. We sense the richness of this moment and follow along. Our curiosity momentarily outweighing our fear.

So much has been written over the ages to describe the spiritual revelations that others have found on their paths, yet for those that are ready to begin, you will find your own journey entirely unique and bursting with surprises.

It turns out that the answers to the big questions are not found in words, but in experiences. They are depths of being, well beyond the capacity of language or even art. No schooling can communicate the richness of the life experience that awaits.

Yet you will find resonance with some words, teachers, images and art. They will call you forwards into your own experiences.

However, as you locate these revelations within yourself, each experience will be uniquely yours and what you learn within, will ultimately be just for you.

The Nature of Truth

When starting any journey we tend to set a course for somewhere we would like to be. If the unknowing is calling us forward then it must be the allure of deeper aspects of truth that is the bait. Yet on this journey, knowing and unknowing soon become blurred. Even truth reveals itself to be somewhat more malleable than the fixed beast that we imagined.

Indeed, as our perceptions expand and we evolve our capacity for stillness, truth quickly leaves behind concepts of fact, right and wrong, knowing and unknowing.

We are then left in a truth that invites us, inspires us and generates within us limitless possibility to be experienced in the vastness of our own consciousness.

Of course you should not take my word for it, your truth lies in your own discoveries.

The Nature of Self Knowledge

In any process of self-enquiry, direction comes from the desire to know the self more deeply. This is why the ‘Who Am I’ question is infinitely rich.

We might even say that all of the energy in the Universe is driven by the unfolding of one desire: the desire of consciousness to self-realise.

This, the consciousness, is you.

Your inbuilt desire for self-knowledge will begin with the known self but will lead you into the vastness of consciousness where you will find yourself anew.

Here is one of the spiritual principles that underpins all teachings:

To know oneself is to know the Universe.

The Universe is Within You.


By Neil Seligman

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