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Mindful Activities for You and Your Kids

Mindful Activities for You and Your Kids25601709The Conscious Professional

“Be mindful, be grateful, be positive, be true, be kind.” – Roy T. Bennett, ‘The Light in the Heart’ There is no time more important than the present to be mindful. We are in a time of unprecedented change, our lives…

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mantras to live by

7 Simple Mantras to Live By

7 Simple Mantras to Live By25601707The Conscious Professional

“Everyone has their own mantras.” – Russell Brand The mantra has an odd reputation in the modern world. Although some people swear by them, it is fair to say that the majority of people have probably never spared them a…

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The Conscious Guide to Quitening Your Mind

The Conscious Guide to Quitening Your Mind720480The Conscious Professional

When we begin our meditation practice, we really start to become aware of the persisting chattering in our minds that perhaps went unnoticed before we began our journey. The mind shouts for our attention justifying its importance with time-keeping reminders and…

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How To Increase Your Capacity For Mindfulness

How To Increase Your Capacity For Mindfulness720480The Conscious Professional

Although I know that the majority of the time, my state of consciousness is not pristine, I have developed the awareness to know when I am mindful and when I am not and I practice skills and techniques which enable…

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7 Conscious Meditation Tips

7 Conscious Meditation Tips715245The Conscious Professional

Here are some tried and tested meditation tips that you can try out to further support your practice. We hope you find them useful! 1. Always try to meditate on level ground to enhance alignment. 2. Set a timer to…

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The 3 Actions Of Mindfulness

The 3 Actions Of Mindfulness720270The Conscious Professional

As you hone your skills of contemplation, meditation, stillness and awareness, life will provide multiple opportunities for you to put mindfulness into practice. You can respond with the three actions of mindfulness: 1. Observe: become consciously aware of what is occurring…

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How to Be More Present in the City

How to Be More Present in the City707300The Conscious Professional

Most professionals and more than 50% of the global population now live in large densely populated cities. To a greater or lesser extent, we all know that heightened presence is directly supported by nature. Being in the mountains, walking through…

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