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The Conscious Toolkit Part 2

The Conscious Toolkit Part 2720480The Conscious Professional

The Nature of Alignment There is a huge difference between success and alignment. As a young well-regarded Barrister in London in my 20’s I was considered by most to be successful, to have made it. Whilst I enjoyed the kudos…

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The Conscious Toolkit Part 1

The Conscious Toolkit Part 1720480The Conscious Professional

The Nature of Integrity One of the definitions of integrity is being whole and undivided. Although this sounds like it should be the natural state for all people, it is surprising to discover how, in energetic terms, we repeatedly fracture…

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Becoming A Conscious Professional

Becoming A Conscious Professional720480The Conscious Professional

If professionalism has long been founded on ideas such as honesty, fairness and excellence and seen as a measure of competence, skill and reputation, what does being ‘conscious’ add to professionalism? The answer is deeper levels of integrity, authenticity and…

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How to Generate a Sustainable Meditation Practice

How to Generate a Sustainable Meditation Practice480720The Conscious Professional

There is a pandemic of thinking in Western Society. If there is one complaint that I hear more than any other when clients approach me for coaching or to learn meditation, it is that they are physically unable to find…

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4 Soft Characteristics of Resilient Professionals

4 Soft Characteristics of Resilient Professionals720480The Conscious Professional

1. Emotionally Intelligent Resilient professionals have an authentic relationship with their emotions. They do not let their emotions control their behaviour, they use appropriate means and language when expressing emotion. Above all, they are responsive rather than reactive. 2. Intuitive Resilient professionals trust…

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A Case for Personal Development At Work

A Case for Personal Development At Work720404The Conscious Professional

Within the realm of work individuals are often out of touch with their values and lack any real craft of personal development. Issues and dysfunctions can hinder career progress and lead to poor performance and being passed over for promotion.…

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4 Steps to Becoming More Present

4 Steps to Becoming More Present720540The Conscious Professional

At times, we all feel as though we are living on autopilot. We go through the day failing to engage fully with the present moment, usually distracted by the constant chatter in our minds. This is very normal, especially in…

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Mindfulness at Work: An Upgrade in Professional Consciousness

Mindfulness at Work: An Upgrade in Professional Consciousness900600The Conscious Professional

This article by Neil Seligman first appeared on the Huffington Post on 17th May 2014. Click here to be taken to the original. “Consciousness is your operating system. Mindfulness is the upgrade.”Imagine for a moment that you were a computer.…

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