The 3 Actions Of Mindfulness

The 3 Actions Of Mindfulness

The 3 Actions Of Mindfulness 720 270 The Conscious Professional

As you hone your skills of contemplation, meditation, stillness and awareness, life will provide multiple opportunities for you to put mindfulness into practice. You can respond with the three actions of mindfulness:

1. Observe: become consciously aware of what is occurring without judging it as good or bad.

2. Describe: neutrally name all aspects of the experience that you are aware of. E.g. I am experiencing anger. I feel hot. My palms are sweating.

3. Participate: make a choice, take action, speak your feelings, take the next step as consciously as you can.

For example, when we are anxious, mindfulness encourages us to meet the experience with acceptance, non-judgment and compassionate awareness. One of the outcomes of the mindful approach is that we step into resourcefulness rather than victimhood. We acknowledge our experience and through not resisting, we allow it to normalize. Anxiety dissipates or we take action.

Mindfulness invites us back into a simpler, purer and more effective state of being and gives us the tools we need to bring excellence to our craft of consciousness. By developing and sustaining a consistent mindfulness practice, we discover new ways to be effective in all aspects of our lives.