The Art of Stillness

The Art of Stillness

The Art of Stillness 270 720 The Conscious Professional

“There is nothing either good or bad, as Shakespeare told in in ‘Hamlet’, but thinking makes it so.” – Pico Iyer

It can be so easy to quickly categorise experiences as either good or bad. However, we all know that life does not deal in such defined absolutes as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, life is one big grey area. By employing stillness in our lives, we can give ourselves the space to reflect on experiences we might have hastily categorised, and take from them more interesting and nuanced insights.

In this TED Talk, travel writer Pico Iyer shares with us his passion for the concept of stillness. By sharing with us his observations of his own thoughts he highlights the incredible benefits of putting time aside for stillness in your life:

Pico Iyer: The Art of Stillness

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