The Conscious Toolkit Part 3

The Conscious Toolkit Part 3

The Conscious Toolkit Part 3720480The Conscious Professional

The Nature of Authenticity

When our internal fractures have healed and we have realised our values and true nature, we come into a powerful expression of authenticity.

In the authentic state everything is possible. The Universe opens up as a limitless playground of potential and you move through it with intention, clarity and abandon.

It might therefore be said that authentic excellence is the sort of excellence which comes from the natural expression of your mind, body and soul. The deep truth of your being and your actions are in alignment, you are one with your inner guidance system and you operate as a force for expressing your purpose in the world.

In contrast, inauthentic excellence is unconnected to purpose and who you are as a unique being, in some way the craft of excellence is forced, unnatural and counter to your soul’s drive and journey. Excellence for its own sake or in the pursuit of some goal that does not accord with your own sense of purpose would be examples of excellence misaligned with your being. This type of excellence is almost always accompanied by dissatisfaction, numbing and a misuse of power.

Success need not be bypassed altogether here, success is of course one of the principle outcomes of alignment. The lesson I have learned is that success is not the goal. Alignment is.

In my 20’s I equated excellence and success with worthiness. With a little hindsight I might have looked at my success and said – this picture does not look like an authentic version of me. I seem to be trying to buy something with this excellence and success. I am coming at this all wrong. And I was.

Instead of taking excellence and success as a guiding principle in your life I would offer authentic excellence and alignment as worthy substitutes.

Your soul will thank you.