The Consciousness of The Great Resignation

The Consciousness of The Great Resignation

The Consciousness of The Great Resignation 1920 1080 The Conscious Professional

In this powerful little piece, Neil Seligman, The Conscious Professional speaks to the deeper streams of awareness that may be inspiring The Great Resignation.

Seems like a lot of people decided to quit their job in the last 12 months. Put down to factors ranging from covid-related health concerns, the struggle of parenting and working from home, growth in the anti-work movement, along with a search for values-aligned employment, flexibility, competitive pay, healthy work culture and good management – this is a trend that employers and the world should be paying attention to.

Beyond the measurables, I also suspect that our modern upheaval around work belies a shift in human consciousness spurred on by the ever-expanding mindfulness movement, activated by the climate emergency, and given time to stew and mature during our now lengthy global Pandemic. Certainly, we are seeing a mass of individuals keen to make a stand, stop chasing the cheese of the rat race, and instead revel in life as it was meant to be lived – as a creative and unique dance through the wondrous world of potential with much at stake and a ticking clock.

As I talk to the younger generations, they seem to have a greater appreciation for the makings of a good life, rounded in wellbeing, purpose and joy. They see through the mis-sold dream of ladder-climbing – all too aware of the stress, politics, and likely early demise that often comes with the extra money and power. Not that they aren’t ambitious – they just want to avoid the mistakes of the past – where unbridled corporate greed paid little heed to people or the planet.

My own great resignation happened back in 2009 when I dropped my legal practice to follow the call of spiritual inspiration which brought me, three years later, to my current work at The Conscious Professional. My decision to leave behind 5 years of training and 8 years of practice – not to mention a likely lucrative future as a Civil Barrister stemmed from the same drivers as those of the over-worked professionals freeing themselves from their corporate contracts now. I wanted to live life my way, I wanted to live creatively, in harmony with my own nature, in alignment with my values, and in dedication to the vision I hold of a harmonic future for humanity. I wanted to make my unique contribution and speak up for the issues and skills that I sensed would need to be in place in the world, to support the transition of consciousness now required for our long-term survival. I also wanted to have a dog – (hey Ty)!

So, now is a moment of musical chairs, where individuals are invited to ensure they are sitting on, or at least hovering over, the right seat. Are you where you need to be to represent your best self and make your most powerful contribution as the world squares up to its mountainous challenges in this era of political upheaval, environmental calamity and social division? If not – where is destiny calling you?

You may be relieved to know that the collective consciousness has been preparing for a time such as this for decades if not millennia. I believe humanity is better placed at this moment to hold more truth love compassion and brilliance than at any time in our collective civilised past. There is every reason to imagine that we can meet our challenges and overcome them if we all participate collectively in the demand for and creation of a new version of life on Earth.

Don’t be fooled though – this is not the end of corporate greed but just the beginning of higher corporate consciousness and the commencement of the era of The Conscious Professional.

If you find yourself resonating with the sentiments expressed here – this article may even be your rallying cry – to ensure that you are in the right spot for this next chapter of our collective becoming.

As the great Mahatma Gandhi put it so eloquently and succinctly:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

This is your reminder.

The time is now.


By Neil Seligman


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